Super Nintendo Exploration Squad Episode 36: Troddlers, and the next vote!


What’s up SNEX fans! Cania’s busy, so I’ve been recruited to get the snext vote going! No I will not apologize for the pun!

First up, here’s the last episode, Troddlers, where we we fully snexplore the realms between Solomon’s Key and Lemmings. Which is pretty much entirely occupied by Troddlers. Troddle along to your favorite podcatcher and give it a listen:

But on to the actual SNEX business. Our three games this go round could not be more different. Cutting a wide swath through three completely different genres, and presumed levels of quality, truly the breadth of SNES games that nobody remembers are covered in this selection:

Tom & Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a platformer game based on the eponymous(e) cartoon duo created by Hanna Barbera. The game was created to build up hype for Tom and Jerry: The Movie, also released in 1993, but has its own separate story unrelated to the movie’s plot.

The player controls Jerry Mouse as he makes his way across various levels to find cheese (collecting 100 of which increase Jerry’s stock of lives) and elude his eternal nemesis Tom Cat, who appears at the end of each world as a boss fight. In two player mode, the second player assumes the role of Jerry’s gray-skinned nephew Tuffy (also known as Nibbles).


BioMetal is a horizontal-scrolling shoot 'em up for the SNES developed by Athena, who produced the SNES shoot 'em up Strike Gunner S.T.G. the previous year. Athena published the game in Japan, and Activision published it in Europe and the US.

The player can assume one of six ship types in order to fight the eponymous hostile Biometals, an alien species bent on exterminating the human race. The design of the Biometals is strongly inspired by Alien and H.R. Giger. The biggest difference between the Japanese and European/American versions is the inclusion of instrumental music based on techno band 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready” album. The Japanese version has an entirely different soundtrack.

The game was followed up with BioMetal Gust, for the Sega Saturn.


523750-1091298339_00 523761-1091299286_00 2746733-taekwondo001

Taekwondo is a Super Famicom title that was released exclusively in Japan and South Korea in 1994. The game is based around the Korean martial art of Taekwondo, featuring realistic techniques and tournament rules. It features nineteen fighters with their own special moves, and players are also given the option of creating their own custom fighters. The game can be played in either Japanese or Korean.

The fighting control is very simple, and features the standardized control method of combining attack and directional button inputs to perform a variety of techniques. There are four different game modes: Tournament, Versus, Tag Battle by Turns and Practice.

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Don’t play the U.S. version:

Play the Japanese version:


i mean no, vote for tae-kwondo, it’s like this barebones fighting game but it’s sooo good, i played it so much as a youngling


Jokes on you, I can’t vote.


Did Taekwon-Do ever get a U.S. arcade release? Because I have played a game which looks like that, at some KOA camp grounds.