stylo's pandemic streams

i decided to take the opportunity of this dark pandemic time of ours to get back into twitch streaming. there are a lot of things different than the last time i was streaming regularly - new gender, new vibe, new job, new attitude, new medications… basically i’m in a place now where i really enjoy streaming to a small group of people and dinking around in various games without trying to be super good at anything.

i’ve been playing the following thus far:

  • baba is you
  • kentucky route zero
  • stardew valley
  • music making with ios apps and stuff

and thinking about playing some of these: Fallout New Vegas, Disco Elysium, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Stellaris, EU4, FM20, OOTP…

anywho the goal is to have a chill lo-fi place to relax and chat with my girlfriend, socialists, and sbutts. the link to the whole playlist is here:

you can follow along live at


i’ll be going sometime this evening to play one of the games listed above : ) follow and turn on notifications etc

did some baba earlier today and about to do some stardew valley this evening