Streets of Rage 4

Seriously the best part so far is the beard. I’m not even being clever about that. There’s a certain thematic weight it signifies, considering how long it’s been in us-time and everything those two have been through in them-time.

No telling about Koshiro’s involvement, but oddly I’m okay either way. The Wonder Boy remake was that good and well-judged in every respect, I’m on board to see what the vision may be here.

I don’t like it. Blaze looks exactly the same while Axel got older. It sucks and the gameplay itself looks super off as well.


You’re right. She should have gotten a beard too.


Without Koshiro it’s just another beat-em-up.

Asymmetrical grizzling of main characters isn’t a good look either.


if there’s “rpg elements”, i’m immediately not only uninterested, but cursing the bloodlines of all involved for eternity

koshiro’s being all coy and vague on twitter, so i assume he’s in


Yeah, that asymmetry is weird. I’d like to see a few gray hairs at least.

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Trying to recall the Wonder Boy process, I think they drew out reveals on the music and other contributors for a long time.

Jeeze, it’s not like Skate is an old man. It’s just a beard.

That said I’m not feeling the hand drawn look. The original games were pretty moody and I’m not getting that vibe from the admittedly short trailer. Hopefully that’s just because the lighting isn’t all worked out for the night time levels.

Sure. I mean, it’s a different take. It’s a take from the Dragon’s Trap people. It doesn’t have to do the same thing as the older games to build something interesting off of them. And their last game was so well-done.


i’ve talked about this on twitter all morning. i’ll post those thoughts here later tonight.

the main bullet points:

  • no Koshiro, what’s the point?

  • if no Koshiro, enlist some underground DJs in various scenes. it’s super vibrant and diverse these days.

  • what sense is there in a game where you beat up gang members in 2018?


I wish it was all intensive sprite edits and developed by M2 + SORR team with a large budget, sure.

A comic book beat em up that happens to share a title and character designs with some old games with probably a decent bedrock of gameplay mechanics could be cool too. I like the halftone effects.

The press release leads the description of the franchise by talking about the soundtrack by Koshiro and Kawashima, and they aren’t going to remind people of those names unless they’re involved in some capacity.

I don’t know what being a beltscroller means in 2018- content expectations have changed so much- but I’ll have a good chuckle if it has roguelike elements.

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I’d like a good new Streets of Rage game with a good soundtrack.
This doesn’t appear to be that.

If it’s a good beltscroller, the objective will be to make a game with 8 good levels and lots of playable characters and enemies to fight through. No reason to over-engineer.


I brought this up to the Lizardcube guy, and he seemed receptive. The game’s still early enough to make a few adjustments.


Throw in some RCR flavor, give me some leveling and some buildings to walk into, interconnected world, the works. Dialog trees, sure, whatever. Dozens of straight forward pixel beatemups already exist and there are already three stone cold classics with this title on them.

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The thing is – yeah, stylistically this is a big departure from the original trilogy. That in its own is just what it is.

But the new style – to me it really, really makes this feel like a lost Saturn sequel. I’ve watched this teaser several times now, and every time I get excited thinking it’s 1997, and this will be the game that convinces me to buy a Saturn at last.

Well, two classics. The other one has “Bare Knuckle” on it.

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SoR2 is about as close to a perfect beat-em-up as there can be. I’d rather just get more of that. And it’s not really a more is more design you’re working with in a beat-em-up paradigm regardless. Adding minigames and branches is just excess to the core of what is supposed to be a strong, segmented gameplay loop. I’d rather see things that don’t reinforce that experience cut away, rather than piled on.

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paralax backgrounds are non negotiable you are on notice lizardcube