Star Trek Thread 3: The Search for Snout

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My partner and I are now watching The Next Generation! We started out by following the Max Temkin / Tulpa watch guide. Season 1 was dire so we were happy to skip most of it, but we’ve found that the average quality of season 2 is almost enough to watch it through… Though “The Outrageous Okona” disabused us of that idea. We had to turn that one off.

But the Data-as-Sherlock holodeck episode wasn’t on the list, and that was great! I thought there was no way that one would be enjoyable, but I really liked the way they handled the Moriarty AI becoming self-aware and dropping his villain persona to strive for survival. Very cool ending!

We’ve been really enjoying the show’s sort of sitcom-adjacent stuff. Like, every time there’s a random hangout scene where the characters are just enjoying each others’ company, that stuff is gold. Like Riker making everyone terrible scrambled eggs at the beginning of “Time Squared”. I’m worried that following the watchlist will result in us missing a really good sitcom episode. Are there any great episodes in that style that I should look out for?

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you can pretty much stop skipping episodes after season 2 imo, I agree wholeheartedly about the sitcom tone being incredibly enjoyable and the quality floor is much higher from s3 onwards


TNG S3 through all of DS9 is by far the best star trek, that’s like 300 episodes with very few duds


Hell yeah, I’m excited to get into it! I think we’re pretty on board with watching through once we get to the consistently good stuff. S2 is close enough already that I’m sure you’re right that S3 will do it for us.

btw this means that top tier Trek overlapped almost exactly with the original runs of Seinfeld and Pavement, 89-99

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Very much appreciate this thread honoring the Homeworkverse <3 <3

I learned recently that William Shatner voiced I think Phil the Plant in a Netflix adaptation that I’m sure is fully unwatchable.


Those Homework books were some of my favorites in like 3rd grade! The 90’s were so full of middle grade sci-fi novels that goofily aped Star Trek, and despite never watching Star Trek as a kid, I loved them all. Especially Animorphs, the reigning champion of that phenomenon.


Yeah I read tons of those too. Can’t remember a single thing about any of them

Edit: the Bruce Coville ones. I’m like one half microgeneration too old to have been hit hard by Animorphs. The goofy covers drove me away as by then I was already attempting to read like 70s high fantasy stuff I fully didn’t understand. But the cover arts slapped


I guess it’s been about eight months since I started (slowly) watching Deep Space Nine for the first time. I’m approaching the end of season 3 now, and I’m sometimes finding it compelling enough to watch two episodes back-to-back. It’s still going to take me forever to get through the series, but I think it might turn out to be one of my favorite television shows.

I like how S03E17

is basically Shadow of Destiny.



The only TNG episode I skip is the clip show one in season 2


How am I just now realizing that Lambchop created Memory Alpha


The puppet?


The puppet


…could you elaborate?

Lights of Zetar


goodbye second worst star trek show you did have some cool characters thank you for accidentally inventing strange new worlds


rewatching tng and who do i spy?

a character in this episode is even named “palmer” lmao


Lmao I just watched this one and freaked out about the same thing!