sprite-based first-person games (with mobile avatar and granular turn increments)


of course, but remember, they must be able to be permanently viewed in first person

there’s one other sort of unspoken rule (thus far), which is that you have to be able to move your own avatar. rail shooters will not apply, nor will stand-in-place first-person shooters


Sorry, I can’t remember any of them being first person.


oh! i can! super monaco gp and its sequel!

also, i knew about md duke, but i assumed it was unfinished and unplayable




that game looks beautiful
however, can you turn around and drive backward? or just ram yourself head-on into the wall? or are you bound to look forward down the track?



i can’t remember exactly, but i’m pretty sure you can, with a bit of effort, drive the wrong way around the track. i guess it’s a lot more advanced than outrun and the like by having actual looping tracks rather than linear courses


So it turns out I need to play literally all these games. This is my Sonic the Hedgehog



also, in case you didn’t know, this got a translation patch a few weeks ago


Wait, nobody mentioned Hover! yet?


Gloom (Amiga, 1995)

what!? this already exists and it’s just a regular Doom knockoff? my dreams of a super depressive nonviolent remake… ruined…


anvil of dawn is tile based movement


ice & fire from the creator of tetris (tetris is better)




There’s two old Space Hulk games, you only have the second listed.

Unless the first is 8-direction movement, I don’t remember.


cardinal only, no turn granularity in space hulk '93


hm, that screenshot looks suspiciously symmetrical. is there true turn granularity in ice & fire? can’t find any info or video on it either, link would be appreciated


Sorry if this was mentioned earlier, but there’s a small revival of sorts of these games. Can’t guarantee any of them are worth playing, though:


nope, not mentioned - please keep them coming!



The only video is this terrible let’s play, it’s even more obscure than I thought. I had a copy on the Mac. I timestamped to where the FPS bits start.