songs that shift into lower gear

listening to this song and love the shift at 2m34s

thinking of other examples like “2+2=5” shifting at 2m25s (cute!)

both have a tense build for ~two and a half minutes and then abruptly start in on a different build

I’m sure there are dozens of examples (surely this is not an English rock band phenomenon) but these two come to mind

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Mother of Pearl

If There is Something


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fuck man does it get any better than the loud parts of Silent Alarm

will report back with any thread-relevant songs i remember but i’m busy listening to ‘Luno’ rn

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ok ok i reckon

this one too, but not as many times

tbh i’m pretty sure this is just Mitski’s impulse to through-compose everything. wish more pop legends did this


well that hits different now. or maybe the same

also a fantastic example of this structure

one of the more baffling 15-20 seconds i’ve heard in a song happens around 2:12 in Tori Amos’s “Pretty Good Year” with this like very heavy section that sounds nothing like the rest of the song. very memorable if you’ve heard it before


One of my favorite examples of this sort of thing:

I hoped with each new album that VNV Nation would again rise to the level of Empires. But they never did.


just hit me -

at ~1:23

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A bit into higher gear tho the tempo remains.

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Came across this last night (though I was already familiar with the artist). It has a gradual acceleration before the gear shifts, and I like the way the production makes it sound like there’s something wrong with your speakers.