Songs about Video Games


Nintendo Power offered a compilation CD called “White Knuckle Scorin’” in 1991. I don’t remember how expensive it was, but I never considered actually ordering it because it seemed to be just a bunch of boring mainstream music.

However, I found out years later that one song on it was actually about Super Mario Bros.

Back when was a huge repository of independent music instead of whatever it is now, one popular song was “The Legend of Zelda” by Rabbit Joint.

Trauma’s short Forbidden Forest arrangement is a good one.

One of my very favorites doesn’t seem to have any source for me to link, unfortunately. It’s Makke’s “Lazy Jones” arrangement, which tells the story of someone who spends a lot of time in arcades.


You can always count on Del for stuff like this:

This 2000 rap song samples Darkstalkers and references Panzer Dragoon Zwei, and it’s actually great and full of selectbutton type opinions. They do admit to buying Gex, but in the same sentence they shout out to Klonoa so it kind of evens out.


oh man is that gorgeous CG animation by the shits

anyway idk if this is actually about vidcons but


this is one of the worst things i’ve ever heard


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From this full, licensed album

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this is indeed terrible




more information here

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this fan made video is a little heavy-handed but the rza imitation is one of the funniest things of all time on so many levels, the numerology rant at the end is a must-listen

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I think that “Please Don’t Break My Atari” was the first Paul Petroskey song I ever heard.


oh shiiiit i forgot about this. i got it on limewire or some shit by randomly searching for zelda


This seems like something that I should have known about by now.

That Missile Command theme song is catchy, and I like that its lyrics are upbeat and express confidence while in the game it is absolutely guaranteed that civilization will be annihilated.


black out - video games sounds like a king tuff b-side or something to me now

edit: the vocalist died apparently fuck

edit 2:
this cover is amazing

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My console by Eiffel 65


This band has come a long way since this song, but it’s still pretty fun.