So I Like Pretentious Anime Films


But 20 minutes in to Angel’s Egg, I’ve taken a break twice. Should I keep watching this movie? Two characters were on screen at the same time for about 5 seconds at 17minites, not that anything happened there. I dunno am I just missing something or is this 70 minutes of a white haired girl walking around and drinking water


It’s a tone poem just absorb


sounds like you need to download a copy of Roger Corman’s version


Angel’s Egg is good. Stick with it. The payoff is getting to see all 70 minutes of amazing visuals


I feel if youre not entertained by the miracle of animation itself, and seeing designs in motion, then you won’t enjoy a lot of cartoons


if you like angel’s egg you’re gonna love iblard jikan


I mean don’t get me wrong I love the miracle of animation but I’m the one person in the world who thinks Mechs are just okay


So I went back and finished it and were it not for the fact that it was still open on my computer, I would have thought it was a different movie than what I watched earlier.

After the 20 minute mark, characters interact and develop and things actually happen in the world instead of just images on screen. The fisherman scenes in particular were like actually hecka rad. Those and all the weird sunken temples that they went to. Also obviously the movie is pretty.

I was not big on the scenes where it was just a still with a slow pan for 30 seconds. That’s probably to do with my expectation / understanding of film though? I would have enjoyed those stills if I didn’t expect things to be y’know animated


Also the score was really good! The music set the tone of everything real well. The ending shots were real pretty also

Yeah my mind is too trained from teaching to leave off a critique without saying a positive thing before and after lol


let me tell you about Kanashimi no Belladonna

It’s almost nothing but that

OK so the real deal with this is that in order to fill animation with dynamic poses and excellent still frames, the slow take on a still frame is part of the vocab of the medium and has been for many decades because it allows the animators the opportunity to work on animating important shots without making the whole project prohibitively expensive. It’s an unavoidable part of the medium and good animation uses them to really artful ends.

That being said, shows like Attack on Titan that are nothing but held frames suck.



I saw that lady squirt violently


I said almost

the exceptions are truly something to behold


it worked there, for me, because the whole thing was engrossing enough that I didn’t mind the pans, which really, went along with the pace of the film

and that devil penis.


No yeah I totally understand why they happen, and I’m sad that budgets have to exist for art. I just wish they didn’t have to extend the runtime with that kind of stuff

I think an even more suck example was Tokyo Ghoul which I watched for some reason. They choose to cut on animations during the big fights so characters just straight up tween across the screen its kind of hilarious


I swear 99% of the animators’ effort for Belladonna of Sadness went into that psychedelic future scene near the end. That bit rules. The rest is pretty thematically grueling.

Just watch MD Geist instead.


I love watching constraints, personally


just watched angel’s egg last night. it’s taut as fuck. no scene is wasted. all of the lingering shots are incredibly effective at what the film is reaching for, and it’s rather short because it exclusively says/shows what it needs to and nothing else. definitely doesn’t feel like runtime padding.

it’s pretty perfect, though i’m not sure if i “like” it. i’m going to watch it again tonight.


That’s completely fair, I fully believe that they achieved what they wanted. Those parts just didn’t do anything for me.

I think overall as an experience I like the movie, but I am not the person who can fully appreciate everything and “like” it


I just finished Angel’s Egg a little while ago. It was painfully beautiful and hollow.

I knew there was a lot of Amano in the designs but didn’t realize this was also with Oshii until after. He has his way of portraying Christian elements with something like a cold, vacant, divinity.

Great art piece. I didn’t get to chew much on the narrative or meaning, since it got swallowed whole by that massive pan out at the end. But I’m also at the end of a long test-stretch overnight.


By all means, go watch Ghost In The Shell 2 then (if you haven’t already). Those pretentious philosophical quotes, ughh.
First one is still a classic.