Snexploration RSS feed is down and I need your help

Snexploration’s hosting provider went down today and didn’t redirect my feed to the new one even though I asked very nicely. Twice. So if any of you are curious why you can’t download or listen to the new episode (or any old episodes)…that’s why.

Here’s the new RSS feed for now:

I’ve fixed Apple Podcasts and Stitcher, which I know are popular. I’m working on which is not popular but it’s my podcatcher of choice.

What do you use to listen to podcasts? If you let me know I’ll try to get it redirected to the new feed.

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I use an ancient version of Pocketcadts which got bought by some other company. I believe it pulls from Apple Podcasts.

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I think I just use Google Podcasts at this point for everything

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somehow this is just working, guessing they pull it from iTunes

I emailed them, so hopefully they can fix it. Otherwise, I’ll just submit it as a different feed, I guess.

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