SNExploration Relaunch - Discuss King of Demons!!

Alright, so first of all, some bad news: I fucked up the Fune Tarou podcast. Specifically, I lost all of my audio. I will probably do some weird release later with a bizarre joke instead of my audio so that people can still listen to it, BUT! I hated that game anyway, which kind of made me get real frustrated and not want to edit or keep recording the podcast. Which sucks!!

So, I’ve done some thinking and now I’m going to relaunch the podcast in a slightly different form. Here’s the bullet points:

  • One podcast a month - means less editing for me while still being consistent. Twice a month was not working.
  • It’s more of a book club now - more community involvement
  • 50% explorer’s choice, 50% random games - slightly more curated, but still the random crap you love
  • That’s it, but 3 bullets is too few

So, this thread is going to be the first of the Book Club style threads about the next game. I’m going to keep it open for about a month before we do the next recording so we can all talk about this game! I’m also going to select some text from the thread to read on the podcast (let me know if you do NOT want me to do this to your posts).

The next game is called Majuu Ou, or Majyuuou, or King of Demons. It’s actually an explorer’s choice from @villain and I’ll let Giant Bomb do some explaining:


Majyuuou is an action platformer developed and published by KSS for the Super Famicom in 1995. The player, as Abel, discovers that his former friend Bayer has sacrificed Abel’s family to resurrect Lucifer and acquire demonic powers as his reward. Abel decides to travel through Hell to rescue his daughter with the help of his deceased wife’s spirit, frequently running into the demonic Bayer who mocks him from the shadows.

Majyuuou was never officially localized outside of Japan but Aeon Genesis did release an English patch for the game on February 14, 2003 and translated the title to “King of Demons.”


Majyuuou features Abel in his human form initially, though after every large boss the player can acquire an orb that will transform Abel into a demonic form of his own. His demon forms are a lot more powerful and include a flying red demon who uses energy boomerangs, a green reptilian demon with a laser, and a blue dragon with a powerful short-range breath attack. The player can either pick the same form several times, which unlocks a much stronger version of that form, or they can alternate every stage and end up with the ultimate demon form for the final stages.

In his standard human form, Abel uses a gun that has infinite range and ammo, but can only attack enemies horizontally. The player can charge up a powerful blast by holding down the attack button, and each of the demon forms also have their equivalent charge moves.



I have ripped my very legal copy of this and applied a translation patch to it. If you want to download it for 24 hours (Must delete after 24 hours!!) here’s a link:

If you’re unfamiliar with emulators and stuff, please DM me and I will help you out!

So here’s what I’d like to see in this thread

  • Stray thoughts about the game
  • Cool screenshots
  • Full-ass reviews
  • Random discussion
  • Just like, book club shit yo

And once it’s done, I’ll get the SNEX crew to record a podcast!! Yay

I’m going to dip into this game tomorrow probably and contribute more than just a Giant Bomb description. I’m also going to start a vote for the next game soon, so keep an eye out for that.

P.S. If you haven’t been paying attention to the SNEX feed, we’ve released TWO podcasts since the last official SNEXcast - one Book of Megadrive, and one rogue podcast recorded while I was fighting for survival in the woods. So go listen to those!!


i like this game because you shoot things with a gun and then you turn into a dragon.


OH I forgot to say! I included the english translation of this game in the download so don’t worry about breaking out an IPS patcher or some BS


your description of this sounds pretty horny to me

I want to say this game also has an enemy that looks exactly like the Road Rovers, which is pretty rad.

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this game has two endings and if you want to get the good ending, then you need to get the first three transformation orbs in the following order: orange > green > blue. if i recall correctly.

also your wife transforms into a fairy and attacks shit for you.

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If you are not a dirty pirate this game got a reprint in 2017 approved by the publishers.

What I do not know is this was an early Columbus Circle release so don’t know if they still had the capacitor problem or not.

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man i don’t know why i chose this fucking game as my choice.

I’m gonna play this game on stream TONIGHT

In probably about an hour


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I beat the game on stream last night!! You can watch it here:

(probably skip to about 7 minutes)

So, first of all, I cheated a little. There were two bosses I could not beat, and the time limit is ridiculous.

Also, this game kinda rules. Here are some of the screenshots I grabbed (spoilers on bosses have been…spoiled.

Some of my favorite notable things:

  • Getting a higher score gives you lives AND extends your health bar.
  • Game overs only send you back to the beginning of the level, but…they also reset your score.
  • The jump is half-Castlevania half-something-else. You can control it in mid-air but only sliggghhhtly
  • Double jump baby
  • Lasers for days
  • Very few enemy repeats throughout
  • Lots of minibosses. Just like, tons of them.
  • The music is pretty god damned good.
  • you can just fire that gun so fast, jesus christ

Here are the things I did not like:

  • The time limit is, as far as I can tell, literally impossible to beat in some levels.
  • Two bosses had attacks that I could not figure out how to dodge, so it simply became a battle of attrition. (Or just cheating)
  • Instant death in pits is a bummer when you have a huge health bar.

I haven’t really played anything quite like it. It’s like Blackthorne but better??

Also some tips for folks who haven’t played yet:

  • You have a double jump, definitely use it even though there isn’t tons of platforming. Good for dodging.
  • The blue orbs are health - crouch over them to pick them up
  • After a boss, you have to shoot the gem, then crouch over it. You can’t just touch it.
  • Also you’ll lose the gem if you let it cycle through the colors twice
  • Retroarch has cheats for this game so uh, use them when you get stuck. It’s worth seeing this game to the end.
  • Also, if you want the good ending, get one of each color of weird gemstone at the end of each boss. I did Red, Blue, Green, but I don’t think the order matters.

Anybody else have impressions of this game?

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certain enemies stay on the ground after you kill them, and you can stand over them and hold “down” to devour them to regain some health.

oh and you can hold down+attack after jumping to do a diving kick


I never figured out either of those things damn

Guess Which game came out 24 years ago today?

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it was 24 years ago today
when the demon king came out to play

love the box art.

stop eating my wife


KSS also developed this game based on the Casper movie for the Super Famicom that looks kind of rad (our SNES Casper was some generic Interplay shit):

-> I don’t need any candy.

You are Kat Harvey, the daughter of a paranormal expert. You’ve just met a friendly ghost named Casper, and you’re getting to like him. But a pair of government agents are hot on both your tails! And if they catch you, who knows what they’ll do to ghosts like him? You can’t dwell on this much longer - you’ve got to protect him, and quick!

Based on the movie of the same name, “Casper” has you as Kat collecting items (especially coins and gems) while trying to protect your namesake ghostly friend from the wrath of government agents. Kat can use baseballs to stun the agents for a while, but she better use them wisely or she’ll get caught ending the game. Luckily Kat can save the game at any time by activating a series of mechanical contraptions. Saving the game keeps track of the coins and gems Kat has collected, and that total determines how much of the game you have completed. Kat can also call on Casper to see through walls and locked doors and see what lies ahead, but he can only do this for a brief time before control returns to Kat.

Yo, did anybody ever get those wicked Casper movie cups that uhh… what was it? Pizza Hut? KFC? came out with? Those were so rad.

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Last call for feedback!! We’re recording this tonight in about 3 hours