SNEXploration Episode 42 (the one about LttP) is out now, fuuuuuu-

Hey y’all! We’re recording a podcast about Link to the Past and I’d like to include as much stuff as possible from folks who care. I’ve already got a recording crew, but if you want to contribute, I’m also accepting:

  1. Short audio monologues


  1. Short text essays that I will read

This is similar to what we did for Earthbound. I don’t care about audio quality, but I would prefer if the length was < 60 seconds. That’s likely going to be about two paragraphs.

Some ideas on what you could contribute, if you wanted to!

  • Memories of first playing the game
  • What it meant to you as a kid
  • What you think of it now
  • Something weird you noticed about it
  • Special insight you have into the game
  • Shitposting

I’m asking for all contributions to be in by March 31st so I can edit them in in a timely manner. If you need tips for audio recording…well, just use Audacity or whatever voice recording app you have on your phone and DM me with the wav or MP3 or whatever. Like I said, not concerned about audio quality.

In short:

  • Tell me something cool about LttP
  • I will put it in the podcast
  • Due date is March 31!



Pinging @anothergod because I really want their insights both design-wise and mechanically and/or shitposts.

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Oh I have some stuff! I will keep it short. Thanks for organizing this.

Yes count me in to provide some text content for you and the crew to comment on/respond to

In my hazy memories of the game, there are things that stick out. I was about 7 years old when I got an SNES and along with it ALttP and Super Mario World. It was around this time, after a few years of playing NES games that I think I started to attain truer mastery of playing video games. And coincidentally that Nintendo, I think, was starting to make inroads into accessibility and its ethos that skill shouldn’t be a barrier to completing a game. So being able to cruise through ALttP was intoxicating with that nice warm empowerment some games make you feel.

The opening of the game was thrilling, the first dungeon boss got me HYPE as hell especially with the boss fight music. It was one of the first games I played that felt ~vast~. The first time I accidentally swam under a bridge and met a guy camping out under there is etched into my mind. For some reason despite playing other games that had secrets, that one felt more real because it sort of operated on real world logic. There’s spaces under bridges, of course there might be something there!

But then, maybe because I got a mental block or missed a hint or something, I could NOT figure out how to get into the third dungeon in the Dark World (in the DW version of the Lost Woods). The game sat uncompleted in my collection for about 7 years. Flash forward to then and I booted the game back up. Voila! I figured out how to get in there and cursed my previous stupidity, and started making a ton of progress over the course of an afternoon. Mom called me down to dinner so I saved my game and shut off the console. Afterward I booted it back up and to my utter despair, all my saved games were gone. To this day I don’t know what happened. So! Back to square one. But over the next 24 hours I blasted through the game and finished it.

It’ll always hold a special place in my heart, even if I think it is definitely the tipping point where Nintendo’s tutorializing started down its slippery slope. It was also the beginning of series’ common problem of having tons of items that are useful for approximately 1 dungeon and a handful of other locations and then forever collecting dust in your inventory.

yeah believe me it’s gonna be hard to get me to shut up about graal

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Oh yeah, if you write something up before March 21st, I’ll do my best to get us to engage with it during the recording, since that’s when it’s happening.

Pink Haired Link fucking rules.

It is sad that this is the first easy Zelda.

The game is alright. Pretty unaccessable to me right now because I don’t have a Nintendo thing hooked up. I guess I could hook up a Wii and emulate it, but I don’t want to deal with like… the Wii Mote.

Pink Haired Link seriously fucking rules.

Didn’t they just make an entire indie game based off the sword swinging ball thing? That concept rules.

I love the idea of the boots and want the boots to be good but the boots are a tease and running into things feels bad.

The bug net is cute in a non sarcastic way.


If you wanna make the boots RIP use the game genie code that removes the dashing the charge up time.


I’ve got something for this! A weird glitch that my older brother found and I can do a goofy segment on.

I’ll record a bit and send it over before the month’s out.


This is the content I live for

oh shit ill record m thing tonight, glad this got bumped

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Lady Rude declares (translated): “Zelda is of course the the best.” やっぱりゼルダは一番楽しい。"

I’ve also heard her curse more in the last 10 minutes than she has in the past year. VIDEO GAMES.



it’s april 1, past the deadline, but i have not started editing!! @Mothra @shnozlak hit me uppppp


Carving out time for this tonight or tomorrow morning - going to get it to you ASAP

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It’s ouuuuut holy fuck shit ahhh fuck


I honestly think this is some of the most interesting commentary about ALttP on the internet? Also Mothra’s segment rules, thank you @Mothra!!!

Might take some time to process so, y’know. Give it some time.


This was great, thanks for letting me contribute my weird sketch. Good discussion.

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Gonna listen to this whole steak of a cast but since Cania asked about the translation:

Lot of regret not getting it together to contribute to this one. Just means you all did such a good job that I wish I was part of it while listening.


I made a segment but then didn’t like actually listening to my segment. I couldn’t get happy with it and never turned it in. oops.

What really strikes me is that yeah I haven’t seen this game broken out. The strength I’m seeing spotlighted the most is how variable your own play-through can be. One point I wish I had been able to add about the “useless / too many items” comments is that I like a game with vestigial stuff because it makes the world feel less planned out.