Snexploration Episode 35: Alien vs. Predator is out!! Also find out the next game, babies

And the next game is my choice, because it was an explorer’s choice, and I came up randomly, and…yeah it’s Troddlers

That’ll probably come out in, like, 3 weeks or something. Fuck yeah.


I just wanna note that NoRA totally does have an email account, it’s just buried somewhere on the patreon page and no one ever uses it


Why does AutomaticTiger’s voice keep getting deeper as the podcast goes on?

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having listened to this mostly in 1.5x or 2x speed…i can’t say that i noticed

I’m trying to figure out if this is on my end. I was doing something different with my mic in an effort to ‘improve’ the sound

I want to apologize for voting for this game. I… I thought it was a port of the Capcom beat-em-up, but apparently if I had read the description in the previous thread I would have known better.


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Don’t blame me… I voted for Kodoss!

this happens with beatemups every time - slightly less than 50% of people want the bmup, and the rest get split between the two other, weird games. Sooo

I voted for shogi for the record

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Will vote the beat em up, every time. Suffer until you love me

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You’re part of the problem, pappa.

The punching problem.

I got to talk about owls for like 20 minutes, don’t apologize


Likewise, I got to speculate on the origins of endless blockbuster film franchises, and the possible origins in Alien vs Predator and Freddy vs Jason.

I also enjoyed my time with the game even though it was also miserable. When I worked out the sliding trick I think I laughed for like five minutes straight just clearing level after level by sliding.


Oh I also wanted to say that referring to the AVP movie as the center of the crossover franchise was very weird, because I think everyone admits that a couple of the vidcons and maybe some of the comics are the only AVP media worth anything, are the only things on people’s minds when they refer to AVP approvingly, and predate the movie

My specific point here was that it seems like it’s one of the earliest examples of the current crossover-happy era of movies.

Crossovers in comics and video games were much more common for years. Like Marvel Vs Capcom, XO: Manowar vs Iron Man and such. But none of them ever seemed to actually push movie crossovers into the minds of producers until AvP hit.

The original comic was 1990, the ok I like it a lot but I guess it really isn’t very good Jaguar game was 1994, and the very excellent PC game was 1999. The movie was 2004. That doesn’t necessarily counter your argument but that’s a pretty elongated timeline especially for goldfish-brained Hollywood producers

The Troddlers episode is out. I am on it and we are all very smart and beautiful and funny.


Why no post for Troddlers?