SNExploration 31 voting time baby

It’s time to get voting for SNExploration 31, even though 29 just came out! It’s all thanks to our new system. Here’s the twitter poll:

And games:

Dimension-Force or D-Force


D-Force, or Dimension Force, is a Super Nintendo vertical shoot 'em up in which the player controls a blue and red Apache helicopter. Each stage alternates between “Shooting Mode”, which plays like a traditional shoot 'em up with realistic enemies and “Exploration Mode”, which allows the player to change their altitude and fight unusual enemies like dinosaurs.

Like the later Axelay, D-Force takes full advantage of the Super Nintendo’s Mode 7 by emphasizing its sprite scaling technology. Before starting each stage, the player takes off from a zoomed-in version of the background (similar to Pilotwings) and, upon losing all their lives, spirals towards the incoming ground in the same effect. The Exploration Mode stages allows the player to drop their height, which also zooms in on the background.

Snow White in Happily Ever After


Snow White in Happily Ever After is a platformer for the Super Nintendo. It is based on the 1993 Snow White-themed Filmation animated movie Happily Ever After, from which the game borrows its subtitle. The player, as Snow White, passes through a series of forested areas while attempting to combat the bereaved and vengeful brother of the original movie’s Evil Queen, Lord Maliss. Eventually, the player can also control the enigmatic “Shadow Man”, who helps protect Snow White.

The game is the third attempt to create a game based on the movie, following a canceled NES game and a Genesis game.

Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures


Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures is a 1994 SNES action platformer that chronicles the three Indiana Jones films released at the time. The player, as Dr. Henry “Indiana” Jones Jr., must progress through a series of stages inspired by the three movies via his fists, whip or with his pistol. The latter two must be found first before they can be used. The pistol is used to defeat enemies, while the whip can be used this way but can also be used as a grappling tool, for the platforming elements of the game.

Indiana Jones’ Greatest Adventures is inspired by JVC’s earlier Super Star Wars series. The game makes special emphasis on the sound and look of the movies, with action that is fast-paced and Arcade-like.

Vote early, vote often, vote with your whole heart!!!

Also episode 29 is out!

some really endearingly amateurish title screen work on all three of these

I think I played most of the way through the indiana jones games at one point but I was never able to beat the last boss, who was the “he choose… poorly” templar knight from the end of last crusade


Vote Snow White if you want me to drop a research bomb in the Investigation category about Filmation history.


all these games are so ugly

okay I’ll admit it the D-Force title screen totally made me laugh, these games are all hot garbage though

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Indy is pretty difficult but I remember it being really endearing.

I had this game as a kid and it is one of those games that is pretty hard, then has one incredibly hard roadblock, and also no saving system at all. So I doubt I’ll get very far if it does get picked.

Indiana Jones has a password system. I got a password in the version I used anyway. So we should be able to skip around and at least see all the levels.

oh shoot that’s right, somehow i had this in my head as a pure arcade game

could you have been thinking of indiana jones and the last crusade? did that even have a snes version?

Nope, definitely thinking of this game, but it’s been

checks watch

17 years since I played this at least.

I’m back on my bullshit