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I’m swamped at work so this is a quick and dirty poll.

Nigel Mansell F-1 Challenge


Nigel Mansell’s World Championship is a racing game developed and published by Gremlin Graphics Software (published by Gametek for the SNES and Genesis versions) for multiple platforms. It is licensed by and features British Formula One champion Nigel Mansell.

In Japan, the SNES version is called Nigel Mansell F-1 Challenge and was published by Infocom.

Spindizzy Worlds


Spindizzy Worlds is an isometric puzzle game in which the player controls a spinning top named GERALD (Geographical Environmental Reconnaissance And Landmapping Device). The goal is to explore each world, collecting fuel and reaching the exit before GERALD’s fuel reserves expire.

Sengoku Denshou


Sengoku (known in Japan as Sengoku Denshou, loosely translated to “Legacy of the Warring States”) is a belt-scrolling brawler developed and released by SNK for arcades (running Neo Geo MVS hardware) on February 12, 1991.

SNK’s first beat-'em-up, Sengoku pits two unnamed protagonists against feudal Japanese hordes invading a modern-age city (similar to Alpha Denshi’s Ninja Combat) from the spirit world. Along with their martial arts skills, they can possess various swords and magical attacks (by obtaining special colored orbs dropped by enemies) and can temporarily transform into one of three ancient warriors (obtained by defeating certain enemies).

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is Spindizzy Worlds supposed to be some Sonic 3D knockoff

It looks like a Marble-Madness-like to me.

I’m ready to get MarbMad :tm: !

spindizzy worlds is an amiga game

Well the best treatise on Sengoku has already been written and lost to time.

EDIT: after the Kentucky Meetup a bunch of people including @physical and @boojiboy7 wrote a bunch of nonsense about Sengoku and put it up on LPN. It is one of the few things I don’t have saved from LPN.

OH MAN I rented spindizzy worlds, it was weird and gets my vote

edit: or it would if I didn’t have to log into twitter to do it

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log into twitter!!!

Oh man, our funeral NGJ review of sengoku, probably lost to the aether. Oh well.

People, do not play sengoku.

I think every game on this list is a port.

Oh my god you’re right


It’s out ffffff

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