singing thread


i haven’t been seriously into singing since like 5 years ago. i was in choirs and a cappella groups, etc. took voice lessons for a couple of months. nowadays i want to sing more for myself, doing popular music etc, but i have no idea how to go about practicing and getting better. i live in a basement apartment with ppl upstairs but i could probably practice (maybe?) if i wasnt self conscious about it. i also generally don’t know what songs to practice, how to go about it. like i feel ilke if i was playing some instrument (piano, guitar) as well i would be able to do pretty much any song i wanted. but then you’re learning two things at once and that’s hard.

basically, i miss singing, but i don’t know how to start again. what do

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do karaoke!


Go to church*

*if you go to a UU church you may experience this phenomenon


literally just sing all the time
sing your favorite song to yourself. if you can’t hear if it’s good or not, record yourself on your phone and listen back, then record yourself again and try to correct the things you don’t like


If you drive, no one can hear you in your car.



Back when I had a car, I often did this with reckless abandon after getting off work. I didn’t care if the 9 to 5ers saw me rocking out. However, one day, I got a strange response from the driver in front of me. They started gesturing angrily while glaring into their rear-view mirror. All of the sudden, this dude switches lanes, slows down and gets right behind me and starts riding my tail like a maniac. I was like WTF is going on here. This person then pulled up alongside me and shouted at me angrily and I could only laugh at this complete tool of a person before they sped off in a rage.

Later I figured that they probably thought I was screaming at them or antagonising them while I was singing to the Who or whatever. That’s my singing in a car story.

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I used to practice throat singing in the car. Worked out well, wish I kept it up.

I have a feeling that you are a good singer, so maybe your roommates would be into regular impromptu performances?


I only remember two things about singing

  1. Do it LOUD from the LUNGS.
  2. PRACTICE BREATHING. It’s the single most important part.

Oh and have fun, but that never stopped my choir :cry:


i guess part of it is also listening to more music with good singing. anyone have recs for like a baritone voice range


I know it’s usually dismissive to just link a wikipedia page but damn look at how specific and marvelous this one is.


nat king fucking cole 100% all day every fucking day until the sun encompasses the earth


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i was procrastinating on studying and found this thing

figuring out my voice type is an eternal confusion. i can hit these notes without much difficulty (humming) but i struggle to get any power behind them, i think


chris cornell is nuts


Im a baritone! I love singing. Sing with purpose and sing consciously and then let go.


go where the power is. I remember that much from choir.

Of course, I was an alto back then so lol.

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