Shoot the screens in the movies


the movie screenshot thread!

haven’t watched nearly as many movies i wanted these past few weeks, but here are screenshots of some of the ones i did.

Mary is happy, Mary is happy

Closely watched trains

The assassin


Family game


I post a whole bunch on twitter.


i shall follow you there then!

i just love taking these silly screenshots so much you know; makes me think i wouldn’t mind to work as a cinematographer someday.


black narcissus

the unforgiven

still the water

the blood of heroes (who knows one day we’ll get the 4k remaster mankind needs)

sting of death (死の棘)

adrift in tokyo


God damn Unforgiven is so good.


moe no suzaku

high and low


summer vacation 1999

black coal, thin ice

get carver

bounce ko gals (attn @loki)

the terrorizers


i don’t know this movie, i’ll look into it~


you should! it’s a lovely film. seeing the opening credits i thought “yeah, this is totally a loki-kind-of-deal”


about love, tokyo

the spirit of the beehive

the mourning forest

the battle of algiers


level five


those shots from Terrorizers look great, is there a criterion of it now or something?


i don’t think so; the file i got is just ripped from a “normal” blu-ray release.


Love Massacre


forgot to mention as i saw it but thx for reviving my humble thread


john wick 2

nine days in one year

let the bullets fly


punishment park

confessions of an opium eater


Punishment Park is so good. I’ve been meaning to do a rewatch for a while now.


yeah, its not one i rewatch a lot just because of how intense it is but its an excellent film. one of these days i’m gonna make time for the 3 hour edvard munch biopic that guy made.




Wicked City (1992)