Shin Godzilla


On the flip side, seeing godzilla destroy Hong Kong in Vs Destoroyah would have been much cooler if there weren’t traffic and civilians casually going about their business in the foreground while godzilla wrecked stuff in the background


Crazy way for the movie to end on that imagery. Given the way Big G’s evolutionary capabilities were described, combined with the Giant God Warrior short…I kinda want more of this nebulous lead into the Nausicaa world. So much full circle shiz happening.


And I really loved it too. Expected a mild crowd for yesterday’s showing, but I guess due to local geek groups it got packed. Palpable hype. It was also great seeing people who came with super corny monster movie expectations (Oh no Gojira/bad dubbing) quiet down a bit once the tone for this set in.

This is a cool image.


This thread makes me want to see this! Going at the last possible moment, Tuesday night!


Sunday afternoon Godzilla is about to happen.
Loved it. Two hours of thrilling bureaucracy, intermittent devastation and astonishing English-language acting/writing.


finally saw it today — the for real last showing after every other one sold out (i tried to go monday night, we instead got tickets for today lol). the cinematography was just delicious.


I saw this today. A 4:20 PM showing. By myself. I asked half a dozen people to come with me. None of them accepted. So I got a refund on my ticket and ended up sitting next to a dude who sounded like season 6 Tony Soprano. Just breathing like a motherfucker throughout. Sorry if that dude is one of you dudes but let me tell you – I spent a few years there fearing I was turning into s6 Tony, but then I did some diet and things got better. Do it for you, not the people you sit next to at the sold out cinema. Do it for you.

I was late to the 4:20 showing, cuz I decided I wanted to buy some new pants and there was a long line andI got stuck in traffic. I thought “they’ll probably show 20 minutes of trailers beforehand!” But maybe they didn’t? Cuz when I got in there it was baby Godzilla rolling around not-Neo-Tokyo, wrecking shit. I thought “Oh man, I got here just in time!” But then they started talking about some dude on a fucking boat or some shit so maybe I missed a whole heckuva lot.

It was fine, it was good, there’s a part of me that really dislikes DV and modern Japanese cinema. Even though I probably missed the first 20 minutes I think the movie was too long. I think maybe the ending coulda been a bit more of a downer but shit I’m an American. I ddin’t live through earthquake. Who am I to judge? I still haven’t finished watching Schrader’s Mishima movie cuz I tried watching it right after all that 2k11 earthquake shit went down and i had some kinda panic attack, and I was thousands of miles away, so maybe Japan needed a Gojira movie with a kinda happy ending.


The length is honestly the only problem I had with it. I’d like a radio edit.





I suppose the Japanese don’t have the same association with size we do when appending -zilla to something?

I mean, I see porn named Dickzilla, it kinda creates certain expectations.


That parody title is brilliant


its more important that it sounds nearly identical to Shin Godzilla


I’m aware I’m just doing pointless cross language/cultural rambling.


I finally pirated this and woah weird, I wanna share my weird disjointed thoughts:

When they had a meeting in the beginning, then moved to another conference room to have another meeting, then moved back to have a third meeting, I thought: alright, those Japanese people really like their meetings. When they set up their special task force and rolled in that array of copiers I thought: alright, those Japanese people sure like to print out stuff. I wonder if that was an intentional dig.

But anyway, what really stood out was how many BAD fucking actors this movie stared. I couldn’t help but have more creepy racist thoughts form in my head like: alright, Japanese people sure can’t act for shit. Maybe a cultural thing. Maybe they can’t express their emotions because they’re not supposed to, and when they have to, it comes out fake as fuck. But then most of the nerd special force was alright, I mean Tsukamoto was great of course, and some of the old guys were not just trying to act but actually really acting too, but it was so hit and miss I was wondering if I accidentally downloaded a Chinese bootleg Gozilla half the time. Hilarious, sure, maybe, but cringe-worthy acting muppets, especially lead-muppets, do not make for high quality movie-watch.

At least there was one lead actor who was utterly amazing every time he was on screen. That big rubber-suit boy really got a nice makeover, I am very much pleased. Though I think I liked his freakish bloody first form the most. Though that mouth-splitting city-cutting laser-orgy was utterly orgasmic. Too bad about the stupid force-feeding conclusion, how very anti-climaxic. I was hoping they’d have to drop that fucking a-bomb already and he’d just get stronger and shit! I really didn’t need a happy end, Anno. Oh well, guess this leaves room for sequels? That alien-esque tail close-up makes me jiggle with equal amounts of excitement and horror at the thought of how that could turn out.

Anyway, I am still baffled by all this and unsure if I like this much, or not that much more than the (to me) also very disappointing US movie. Nah, what am I thinking, this was a lot more entertaining.


also if you pirated it you may have seen a version missing twenty minutes. unless there’s another rip out very recently…?


thanks that’s good to know, guess i’ll have to pirate the blue ray in a couple months


watched this tonight, thanks to everyone itt who recommended since i wouldn’t have heard of it otherwise. it rules.
i love weirdo puppet v1 godzilla. i love all the shots of bridges and things. i love that they came up with the main plan pretty early and the rest of the film is just trying to get productive capacity to actually finish it. as a giant monster film it seemed weirdly interested in logistics and material, not just the bridges but also most of the army weapons were subtitled as well, all those focused shots of railways and barrels and things while everybody talked in these eerie sterile boardrooms. godzilla vs late capitalism.

godzilla’s googly eyes were really cool and i sort of wondered if they were the basis for the whole tone of its depictions, like never mind shakycam 1/2 second shots of some cgi hide passing overhead, fully lean into flat lighting and affectless steady camera in knowledge it makes whole thing more unnerving.

the political message was more heartwarming than i expected, i was kind of bracing myself for a straight cowardly-politicals-vs-righteous-military-strong-silent-men dualism once or twice but it mostly shirked that! the final shot was great although i don’t know what it means. fuck em up godzilla


the most important missing element from the rip i’d seen last week is all the japanese subtitles, which included the movie’s best running joke.

what is dv y’all

i was into the acting, i liked everyone a lot except the old american politician dude who sounded like arcade games but he only had like thirty seconds of screentime.


where the hell are people watching this and getting the nice looking gifs and screen caps from. I haven’t seen any torrents