This the Hideki Anno one. This new suit is kind of scary in the way that the old suits were when they started falling apart. I kind of hope it gets wild and weird in a more mystical/spirtual way than Final Wars was. Hmmm.


He’s looking very Vs Destroyah with the red stripes.

Is… is that a CGI’d tail?

Looks like a couple of the close-ups are CG.

The most refreshing part is how fresh the flat lighting looks compared to Hollywood’s recent flares and glares. It has that weird low budget shot on DV sort of look.

the shot in 0:49 with all the debris is super evocative of the 2011 tsunami/earthquake aftermath

the idea of an overt post-fukushima godzilla movie excites me a lot


The look of the suit/miniature shots is a kind of comforting just-off-enough-to-notice instead of trying to assault you with being as realistic as possible


Yeah honestly the way it’s shot makes some of it look like a documentary which is pretty interesting

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Someone explain to me how these films are in any way good?

2014 Godzilla had shitty white people humans instead of boring Japanese humans. And that had more spectacle.

Monsters is way better than any giant monster destroys buildings film has ever been.

i like it when the guy in the suit hits the guy in the other suit


Seriously, most Godzilla movies are it fighting another monster or alien force and a chunk of those movies involves wacky kaiju crossover dream match fighting and watching monsters throw down is fun (witness the appeal of Kaiju Big Battel, pro wrestling in general and dumb event crossovers like Batman v Superman at the 9th District Court of Appeals)

I’m suddenly tempted to write some kind of corporate culture team building book based on profiling employees by their favorite Godzilla movies.

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Godzilla wishes she were Red King.


I can’t wait!!! Basically feels like it’ll be Evangelion except they’re fighting Godzilla instead of Angels and also no giant robots.

Also I was checkin out the movie’s wiki and this explains why Godzilla, Ultraman, and Eva are all in that new Disaster Report game:

It’s interesting how the imagery of Godzilla’s post-destruction changed now that they have first hand knowledge from the tsunamis. Similarly, I remember reading a write up about how the 1998 American Godzilla feels so ridiculous and fake after the experiences of 9/11.

Speaking of the American Godzilla, what:

Also remember when Godzilla killed 98 Zilla in 20 seconds in Final Wars?

God, Final Wars was terrible but I still enjoyed it. It was like watching a buncha kaiju and sentai fans hit each other with their favorite action figures except as a movie.

Speaking of, here’s an upload of Anno’s God Soldiers fuck up Tokyo movie:


Comparison to the original Godzilla:

Neat what details they retained for the latest version. Like the original, his permanently upturned hands from being burnt up by nuclear radiation is a nice touch. Also his burnt radiated flesh looks so accurate and visceral, it’s gross.


Most Godzilla movies are like 1 part monster fighting to every 4 parts dry, nonsensical scene chewing and flat angles of massive board rooms filled with identical military men discussing the weapon they’ll use to fail to kill Godzilla in the last 20 minutes.

They’re at their best when the human scenes are completely weird and batshit, like Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah’s time travel subplot-into-robot-car-chase, or Godzilla vs Gigan’s story about the alien cockroaches disguised as big-wig industry fat cats.

I honestly can’t say if a serious Godzilla film without any weirdness can work again, but Anno’s the guy to pull it off. I’ll be seeing it either way.

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Anyone who has a negative attitude towards Godzilla needs to watch Vs. The Smog Monster/Hedora. It’s peak Godzilla as folk hero coated in a gorgeous psychedelic aesthetic.


That’s less peak Godzilla and more peak 60s

Now, the part where a bunch of dumb partying kids get tarred, that’s pretty fucking Godzilla

Cool that a suit is being used, or at least a robot. The design looks good.

Do we know if there’s going to be another monster?

Which ones have you seen, and did you see them with friends?