Shin Godzilla


Godzilla’s a big problem! It deserves some talking through.


Oh man when the one dude describes Godzilla as “like an ascetic living on mist” I almost jumped out of my seat


So what’s the ratio of most Godzilla movies? 70%?


I thought the recent American movie was pretty wack, but I did not understand the people who were complaining that there wasn’t enough Godzilla in it. I don’t know what Godzilla movies they had been watching, but they’re generally focused on reporters, amusement parks, scientists, inventors, weird kids, and psychics for like half the movie.


For me, it was mostly that the non-kaiju related stuff was so completely bland and forgettable, and they kept teasing Godzilla related action and then cutting away so we could see what the Olsen girl was giving her kid for breakfast. At least in the Japanese ones, the human storyline is at least goofy enough to keep you entertained.

I just saw Shin Gojira. It’s a pretty good Evangelion movie. In my opinion, the constant boardroom scenes dragged on a liiittle bit too long, but my bladder was bursting for about half the movie so that might have impacted my experience somewhat.

Can’t wait for the next one! I totally expect the new series to devolve into transdimensional aliens and black hole guns in two or three movies.


I hope this is a Millennium series-style one off. I loved it but the format was the magic ingredient. I can’t see the wide scope political drama thing handling a lower budget multi-monster movie with a stronger sci-if bent (although they did leave an opening for some Godzilla-based biotech break throughs, cue the Sepultura)


Yeah I wouldn’t expect any sequels to have any strong resemblence to this one, even if they are directly related by plot. One thing I like about the series is how different all the movies are, despite the conventions of the kaiju genre

Would be hilarious to see the ‘american’ fulfilling her dream of becoming the US President


Gotta say, I really loved the design of this godzilla. Well, I would’ve loved slightly longer arms that didn’t look completely vestigial. Did a real good job of being pretty terrifying and imposing. I know in the 2014 Godzilla film I wanted more monster time but I felt pretty satisfied with the screen time Godzilla got here. It helps that every scene he had was pretty impacting and so well done once destruction starts happening.

What was the main revelation they had when they started folding the papers from the lost science guy? That Godzilla does eat the nuclear waste but molecularity folds it into himself?

Also loved that drum line song that got played about 4-5 times through the movie that sounded like it came straight out of Evangelion.


I know nothing of NGE, but unlike the American movie, this made great use of the classic soundtracks.


It is literally the exact song from Evangelion, with a few remixes. Pretty sure I saw an Asuka avatar on one of the chat feeds too


Yo, this movie is pretty great.

I was warned about the drumline from Decisive Battle appearing, but I did not expect it to be the main theme in so many dramatic planning scenes. I cracked up the first time it came in.


I thought I saw a Kaworu avatar during the twitter flash.


I SAW NU-GODZILLA! It was a good political film that also had a giant
monster in it. Perhaps a litttlleee too long but overall, good stuff.


I was really surprised to see an Anno film with an optimistic view.

I honestly expected Godzilla to initiate Third Impact and then fly across the galaxy, spreading new Godzilla spawn.

I mean, he was almost there making some GOD WARRIORS at the end

In conclusion: best Anno movie, right after End of Eva and above Cutie Honey


It’s gonna be really weird if this new series follows the same trajectory of turning him into the good guy, if they stick to the same godzilla design.

Hopefully we can see a new Japanese Mothra movie, complete with singing fairy girls


I still can’t stop thinking about how good this movie was. Seeing a city get revenge on Godzilla finally was so cool. The trains were so much better of a punctuating moment than “the kiss of death” from Son of Malcolm in the Middle vs Godzilla.


I appreciated that the film was near singularly focused on contending with the eponymous threat.
The first form of Godzilla looked like something youd see on a ukiyo-e print before he turned Godzilla sized. And then even larger. Just this immeasurable, unknowable calamitous thing.
Its unfortunate the principle woman character was pretty much a second-rate Asuka.
I still have even other thoughts but I also have a scattered mind and a lack of focus.

Throughout the film they emphasize the events is unprecedented. Now they have a precedent. Theyve got the giant frozen Goji standing over all he wrought and theyve got the 3,000-odd second countdown the moment he moves again. Theyve got the weird-ass skeleton mystery and the disappearance of Goro Maki and the island. Some people have mentioned that the type of story they told is not sustainable for another film. I dont think thats much of a concern, the entire film is seeds being planted for what comes next, its just better disguised than most contemporary franchise launchers.

The use of captions is great. Naming the intersections and the stations and the bridges and the spaces being destroyed really got to me. The gag about Yaguchi’s increasingly unwieldy title is great.

When the agriculture and farming minister doesnt show up it gets a laugh and then he shows up and you laugh again. But he gets a moment of profound grace in his role and there is so much beauty in that. Everyone gets a bit of that and its great.
When Yaguchi rejects calling it “the Yaguchi Plan” its funny but my brother says the name he chooses from the Yamata no Orochi shares its kanji with his own name. Thats golden! Holy moly!! !

The English dialogue is directly thematic and unintentional hilarious.

What a dense film. Sorry about this post, just a bunch of thoughts.


Oh shit. Did you live in Kamata?

One of the first things that goes down was the bridge I took to get to the station every day in summer 2015.


I lived in ikegami so I am damn familar with that whole area.


It’s always good to see landmarks that you have personal connection or history with getting destroyed in movies. Godzilla fighting Zilla at the Sydney Opera house was the best part of Final Wars, that part got huge cheers at the cinema I saw it at.

Pearl TV tower from Shanghai being destroyed at the start of the recent Cyborg 009 movie was pretty cool too