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is it worth it for their online distribution stuff? are there better alternatives if I already have mastering taken care of?


Maybe. Again, I’m grandfathered into $150 a year which I believe is a ridiculous deal. There are pure distro only plans but I don’t know the details. The statistics and back-end is good and stuff goes up quick and painlessly. I run a label and get all the info I need to payout my artists. They only keep monies spent converting currencies so I get more of it than I get from The Orchard, which is the service I was using previously. It is also less of a hassle, they take care of barcodes too. Your experience may differ as I have there highest level plan so caveat emptor.

I’ll pm you a referral link which could save you $10


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It’s really cold and windy outside, so I stayed home and plugged a bunch of things into each other.

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i did a jersey club seinfeld remix


Working with a few things fresh off Vagrant Story, dug this piece up. Still worth a new shine maybe rewriting some solid verse I had over the top. High concentrate character raps. Mix is meh, straight forward beat but done up better could slap some souls. :47 is where things actually take shape

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like one hour, with a mouse. and it’s not even done

is there a karoshi emoji


this is the thing it is
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adhd is telling me to make a lot of messy weezer club edits