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Piece on 2D Metroid/brutalism is in here


When the morning light came too late did you ever blame yourself?
Would you leave the unprepared bed every time for someone else?
Is your word in silence heard to pass away the quick and mild?
If your heart lays with the rebel would you cheer the under dog?


possibly opaque piece about kero blaster, klik n play


i…wrote a music review!!


I’m returning to my architectural history of Yharnam. Some samples.


I’ve harbored idle ambitions toward writing for as long as I can remember. The most any of these ambitions have ever produced are a handful of awful half-finished interactive fiction programs I’m frankly ashamed to have my name associated with, which is why last year’s efforts are such a relief: for once, my name’s not attached to the game in question.

In retrospect, though, the most recent attempt was actually off to a great start. I made a lot of good progress while I was just writing the opening outline. It was only once I tried to start implementing things that I bogged down in the coding and found I was wasting more and more time on increasingly minor bugs. If I’d spent a whole lot more time just writing and never actually bothered moving the text into Inform, I might not hate the very idea of resuming work on that project. Writing and coding are two separate skills, and I need to treat them as such.

Of those two skills, I feel like I have the greatest opportunity for improvement where my writing is concerned, so I am now going through Tim Clare’s Couch to 80k Writing Boot Camp for the next eight weeks. I’ve enjoyed the first two days of exercises enough that I thought I should share the link, so. Work hard, if you want.


Edgelord Wizards of Vector Time


recently i’ve been a low-key contributor to the videogame section of The Hard Times site and this headline/blurb i wrote came out today


I’m ghost writing an article about Japanese Kidnappings by North Korea for the Cato Institute.


That’s a cool gig. My feelings about Cato notwithstanding.

The Institute I mean. I also have feelings about Cato the Roman senator but the feelings are somewhat different and more complicated

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i wrote rap lyrics for the first time since high school today

punk without politics, art without a statement
the cops arrested everyone performing in the basement
the end of history encouraged organized disorder
the last human alive will be the ceo skateboarder
i will make it look easy
i will murder jeff bezos in some bootleg yeezys

and the weather’s so breezy, in the real amazon and the year is 2060
i have 6 arms but i luv it like jeezy and i sell blu-rays of cars 28
4 the kids

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working on a zine thing

should i make fun of everyone in indie game the movie later on or not at all


I wanna know, that’s my old social circle and I’ve got the same morbid curiosity as wanting to hear people gossiping about me

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Dragon Corporation presents: The Dragonsphere

#103 cultural reseach project

(I know I left out the zoombinis)




I wrote this:


i bought a domain name and spent all day making this but i feel like its totally pointless and messy. i havent revised it but i feel like all the text, as it is, is necessary - but everything the text is about is completely stupid and unimportant


I just put together a small collection of stories and comics and stuff. It’s 32 pages. It’s free on itch as a PDF but is also available as a paperback.

Here’s a little blog post I wrote about it, too.

And, yeah, I used KDP to make it available on Amazon as a paperback. Which is silly and I hardly expect anyone to buy, but it feels kinda neat to have it available that way: