SELECT BUTTON ANIME CLUB is Tuesday 8PM EST! It's a place to watch cartoons with friends!

I’m gonna make this a meme dang it.


Please join me in ten minutes at for Gundam Wing followed by Ranma followed by some Ultra Seven and some other things. I may be late because I am making dinner but maybe someone else will be in there and you can all chat and watch videos together. Thank you.

is it still anime club if we were to watch king of the hill in japanese


Anime Time…


i wasnt chatting a lot but i watched from bed and tonight was really great!


Wish I could’ve joined up tonight! but was commuted to a pseudo group date thing involving ALIEN³ which is a hot and steamy affair in itself.

See you next mission

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group dates are a thing i’ve seen in anime so it’s ok

Hey! Who’s in charge of anime club! This place is a mess! No one’s cleaned or dusted in years! I spotted some cockroaches!

I mean look at this mess!

It’s unforgivable that we let the anime club get this bad. If you want to know the full extent of the damages, come to anime club. We’ll start at 5PM PDT with some various anime programming (and maybe an episode of ultraman) and then we’ll watch Twilight of the Cockroaches around 630 PM PDT!

Go to anime club! Lets get our clubroom clean!

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Anime Club tonight at 5 PDT/8 EDT!!!


If you don’t log into anime club, this is you

if you do log in, you get to join my gang

So be there, log in, watch japanese cartoons about farting otters and prove that you’re worth more than 100 yen!

Do it!


Come watch a cartoon based on my actual life.



The bad anime (Gundam Wing) followed by the good anime (Ranma 1/2) starts soon. Log on.

come into the light and watch anime

What we’re all saying, right now, in Gay Watch. This is special and you are missing it.

This is how I feel right now. Won’t you join me for some anime? Help wake me up a bit.!

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THIS IS F91 GUNDAM MASTER GRADE 2.0 MODEL KIT. I built it about a year ago today. We’re going to celebrate its maybe-birthday by watching GUNDAM F91: THE MOVIE which is supposedly 52 episodes of anime plot crammed into a single movie. It probably won’t make sense but it might be a good time.

Log on!!

Someone please buy this for me


Please join us tomorrow at 8PM EST cuz we are going to watch:

Gundam Wing
Ranma 1/2
Final Fantasy: The Game is Now the Movie
The Best Miyazaki of All Times is the place and YOU should be the viewer.

Let’s do it…!