Hooboy, when the final normal hit of Sword Saint’s combo exhausts my posture and then I futilely slam mikiri counter as his big thrust one-shots me from nearly full health tho


I can tell I’ve been fighting the same boss for a while when I have exactly 1 experience point and 1 sen


Unseen Aid just kicked in to save them, thanx


OK, finally gottem. I ran through all 80 of my red sugar (I had farmed monks in the midgame for XP so I had a lot), in the end the yellow sugar worked just as well though


Much like everyone else I trounced him on the try that succeeded. Interesting that.

Also saved a clip of a near win and then the subsequent one where the camera screwed me over twice.


Well, this was the first game I ever got a platinum on. I do not like how obtuse that last boss achievement is, but the rest were pretty okay (skills and items aside, which were just a dumb grind).


The posture system favors “hot streaks” I notice. Boss attack RNG can matter more than usual because if they do several attacks in a row that you know exactly how to hard counter, their posture meter is 3/4 full already. On the other hand if they do an attack that you only know to retreat from, or you mistime your counter, then it’s quickly back to square one.

At some level of practice you know the tell and the aggressive counter to everything and then RNG stops mattering — you are almost always quickly trouncing them. It’s when I reached that point with the second out of four phases that then i could get some real practice in on the final two and I started to get somewhere. (My winning fight was not an overall trounce for me though, I ran down my flask to zero.)



50 more hours later: I finally learn that holding down block recovers posture faster


I’ve been trying to figure that one out. In stamina games like Souls holding block at low stamina is not encouraged; much slower recovery, slow movement, and if you’re still stuck in, you’ll likely be taking hits anyway. You’re better off dropping block as you can, or better, moving away.

In Sekiro, posture recovers quickly after a long block cooldown (2 seconds? maybe 3?). That cooldown is long enough that it is usually reset if you’re under pressure, so it doesn’t benefit a turtle-block style. Block has a harsher movement penalty – probably the same as shields in Souls, but since this is a faster game with faster enemies, it’s relatively slower. So are they asking you to run away, then block? Normally, running away is all I need to regain posture.

Additionally, at low health you suffer the same slow posture regen as enemies. Block regen helps but I don’t think it’s a true answer, I think they expect you to heal up. So it’s not an alternative posture regain if you’ve run out of healing medicine.

So, what behavior are they trying to encourage with this soft block regen boost?


I’m stuck on dad. I don’t even know why he’s so hard, he’s slow and only has a couple of attacks and they’re easy to dodge, but keeping up perfection for even one of his lifebars let alone two, when two hits from him basically end the fight, is a pain in the ass. this feels like another souls boss type fight like genschiro was for me, where there doesn’t seem to be any trick or anything, I just got to grind it out until I get lucky with my zigs and zags. miserable


There’s multiple viable strats but I can deffo recommend the “keep your distance, keep blocking amd punish after dodging his jump attack.”


Just like I use flask when I need to and have multiple safe seconds to do so, I also get out of the way and block-regen when attempting to continue deflecting is probably going to get me killed. Sometimes I do both in sequence. I also look for opportunities to ichimonji as a more aggressive posture regen method if I have an opening for that.


Oh! I haven’t even tried to do that for the posture recovery that I now realize is mentioned in the description.


Double ichimonji recovers more than half your posture meter, it’s OP.


if I try to hang back or run around while waiting for his big jump strike, I always end up taking hits in the interim and just wasting all my healing gourds and not even getting him down to half health on his first life. I’ve had better luck getting a little bold and dodging into all his strikes but I can’t even keep that up either and always eventually fuck up the timing, and get killed trying to heal or take a hit as I’m healing undoing the heal, go through all my healing gourds in no time again

basically every video of the boss I’ve seen they’re doing all the things I’ve trying to do, just not getting hit ever during the fight. gee, yeah, I ought to try it that way


His posture regen rate is remarkably slower at 2/3rd health than at 100% health so “not even half his health” is decent progress. It might help to transition to deflection based tactics when he is a little bit damaged, especially since he doesn’t have any danger attacks.


well I used every healing item and resurrected halfway into the 2nd form and had a sliver of health by the end but I got the fucker. I did an attempt where I did nothing but dodging then did one where I did nothing but hang back and block and then tried to put the two together. I was more defensive for the first lifebar but I took a lot of hits and only had like two gourd uses for the 2nd form where I was more aggressive and going up to him to get him to strike and dodging into that. I guess unlike genschiro it felt like I actually came up with a way to beat him and just had to get good enough to put it into practice instead of just running around and getting lucky, but it was almost more frustrating cause he’s so slow and only has a couple attacks so he seems like he should be easier. I’m sure there’s some thematic relevance about ninja deception there but still fuck you dad.


is there any reason to not hold off until the last possible minute to cure dragon rot as long as the only people infected are some merchants who don’t have quest lines anyway