Now I have read most of this thread and seen most of this game I get to tell @Felix the Japanese in this game is super intense. A lot of it is in the dialect of the time with a few exceptions. After like 20 hours I am somewhat used to it without looking anything up directly. But at least the prince boy and Emma and Sekiro sound like they are from a royal court and a trained assassin would 500 years ago.


I still don’t necessarily like it like I do a Souls. Then again Tulpa went ahead and platinumed it so who knows. I feel like I will pretty comfortably sell it if the tradein price is good once I beat it. Then I get to go back to Judge Eyes.


i just reached the giant ape that i guess you have to kill two times in a row and if there are seriously 20-25 hours left of this game then i feel like i might need to take a break to play some other stuff, because that really feels like a lot.


this honestly probably explains a lot about why I’m struggling with this more than other recent From games and action games in general. I’m shit at rhythm games! I have no rhythm!

that said, through perseverance, I’m slowly getting the hang of it. and when I do, it feels good

actually, the whole game feels good. i love moving around in it. everything is gorgeous.

running atop the walls of a burning sengoku estate, it turns out, is exactly what i’ve always wanted to do.


I got up to the Great Shinobi Owl boss, and after a couple of tries I managed to work out a strategy and almost destroy him with ease. Then I died and for the next few hours I frustratingly just couldn’t get it to work again. I eventually got him once I started getting the rhythm down again, but … gggarrrghgh


if you deflect the headless versions sword attacks a couple times in a row he falls down and you can finally use the spear and it’s grab mode for something by jamming it into his neck stump and ripping out the centipede. if you can do that about three times he should be about ready for a deathblow


The super formal Japanese coming out of the 10-year-old is especially striking. Along with his elegant and deliberate body language, it communicates right away that he’s an aristocrat and also that he’s been forced in his own way to grow up early. It also justifies Sekiro’s subservient attitude to him


Sometimes I think about Bop-It Extreme when I play Sekiro



Watch some breath of the wild speedruns to see fun demonstrations of the limits of this kind of thing even in an extremely polished game engine.


Holy shit, that’s incredible, I played through 4 times and never thought to try that


Yeah, this is a very fascinating domain because time is space, literally, as in the amount of environment you can load is conditioned by the time you have so max movement speed is usually related in some way to how fast the world can be created (there are a bunch of approaches, mind you, but they all have to compromise in some way related to the time-space ratio). The Zelda thing happens because glitches generate impulse for movement far faster than what the system was balanced for and there’s no permanent check for max character speed. It recovers a lot more gracefully than some others though.


Flying is something that gives our engineers conniptions (and it bundles crazy-hard LoD issues with it) and we eventually took out horses for this reason. Engineers can give you best case/worst case ‘max stream speed’ estimates as metrics for movement abilities.


First what @parker shared about Headless and now this, love new tactics and tricks when they come to light even with visions of sadness ahead…a head

Been waiting till I finish this last playthrough for 100% to really read up on everything, but apparently you can also spearpull the centipede from the Ape given a certain deflect.


this was immensely helpful. thanks!

it’s weird for me that i’m this far into the game and the idea of quitting still occurs to me. there are just so many goshdarn boss fights in the game.

edit: is this From’s Alien Soldier?


Wobbly hanging fruit but it ripens to good argument

Forgot about Gwynevere though.


My experience with this game so far:
2 hours in: Oh, so this is how you play Sekiro.
2 hours later: Oh, so this is how you play Sekiro.
2 more hours later: Oh, so this is how you play Sekiro.
2 more hours later: Oh, so this is how you play Sekiro.


Is anyone else having crashing issues still? I determined that Discord was crashing Sekiro, but now it seems like having anything else open at all can crash Sekiro, and sometimes it just crashes even if it is literally the first thing I have opened.

Like, I can’t fight the bull because any time I spend more than 3 minutes in that arena, the game eventually crashes. It’s pissing me off tremendously.


I haven’t had a single crash, but I don’t really run anything in the background while playing. Could it be an issue with exclusive fullscreen mode maybe?


I got the Sakura Bull down to half health, then it ran away and its health went back up to full and then it killed me. Well done, game


Not helpful to VastleCania’s problems, but this is the only game that has crashed on my PS4.


i think it crashed once on me on XBOneX?