Don’t rob yourself of the Emergent Gameplay Experience booji


Tim mentioned on stream that Ningen Isu would be a good fit as the soundtrack for this game and I agree. That would’ve been a lot cooler and injected a little personality in an otherwise humorless game.


it’s not as funny as souls, but idk, it’s pretty funny to me when it wants to be

there are giant aggressive roosters and monkeys with guns


I play this game every day


Office Ninja Escape, 3rd Floor Zen Zone

Apparitions of the west wing ghost town


This is my first ever platinum trophy lmao


ROCK! You are highly shinobi.

Demon’s Souls was mine, fuck a Pure Bladestone


damn, I’m almost there. Getting the last few skill points needed to get all skills is a real pain


where u grinding


I’ve just started doing NG+ over and over until I get enough xp per kill, but in the ashina castle antechamber, late game is the best spot I’ve found


ah yeah thats probably a good spot i never actually tried there.
I did it in second hirata estate visit, you can do a very short loop around the idol at the start of the estate proper, where u can stealth kill 3 ogres and 2 regular dudes (using one bloodsmoke ninjutsu). I also used the idol by the bridge that the great carp smashes. Go backward into mibu manor, backstab the first noble, sprint up to the next noble and hit them, jump behind them with that ability, then backstab them, use bloodsmoke, and stealth kill the thunder mist warrior enemy who gives heaps of xp, and then reset at the idol. I alternated between these two spots, changing whenever one began to feel too tedious.


Hooboy, that ape boss is kicking my ass. Hardest boss so far for me. Lots of character to the animation work but also not terribly readable


Was fighting the ape two days ago. It’s one of those fights where one it clicks the boss’ll never hit you again because it’s just pretending to be unreadable. I was so happy when it went down.BUT THEN!


i respect the demands this game puts on me but so much of the discourse surrounding it on the wider web is morphing into this wierd gatekeeping that i’m almost beginning to actively dislike it.

it’s like everyone is in a race, but being asked to finish with the same time despite having different bodies and levels of fitness? i guess i’ll come back when i’m ready to run a marathon.

all i know is that i’m fighting with myself to turn this thing on more and more. i guess i’ll try engaging with this again someday, but i don’t think it’s from’s best work for that reason alone. it feels like there’s some exclusive club around having finished this shit, and if you’re not fit enough to get in you didn’t try hard enough or it’s your fault. big time fuck that

like anyone gives a shit about my opinion but that’s too bad because my opinion is gold and i hope y’all have a great time playing this cause i tried and just can’t and i’m extra pissed cause i bought this digitally and can’t give it to someone who would enjoy it more.


i say using cheating code programs to see all the graphics is the correct choice

also i read there is a cheating code program that can slow and speed up different aspects of the game at will

i think the best from boss may be that cluster of enemies at the end of archdragon peak on the path up to the dragon torso stone


that’s just shitty gamer bro internet being shitty around some inexplicable arbitrary game discourse flashpoint, don’t let it get to you!


seems to me it’s no different from the discourse around Dark Souls when that came out

people seem to have forgotten (?) that Dark Souls was and still is hard as shit and totally unforgiving


I could never take videogaming seriously enough to get offended or feel ashamed because I’m not good enough at a game. Like, I’m not good enough at my hobby? Even if there was such a thing: so what? It’s clearly just children trying to get some sense of validation because they accomplished an arbitrary “challenging” goal that talk like that

Sekiro doesn’t pull me back in at the moment. The gameplay is 100% uninteresting to me. I thought about going through it with infinite health but I don’t think the world is interesting enough after all. I’m still going to say that if you enjoy this stuff: cool. It’s not for me and it doesn’t have to be.


I played through the game 4 times in a row not because I want to pretend I am in some secret good at games club but because I just enjoyed the experience that much.

The worst part of modern from games are the mlg pro gamers that try to make playing these games into a pissing contest.

This game was totally joyous as an experience for me but if it didn’t do it for you, that doesn’t mean anything about you as a person. From’s games have never had universal appeal


I followed the thread and I love that you’re digging it so much. I’m always happy when games bring joy to someone! And I think that should be the focus, not this mlg crap, like you said.

I never got into any of the Souls games and if I were to force myself to play any more of any of them I’d either pick Demon’s or Sekiro. They’re the most appealing of the bunch to me. (knowing nothing about Bloodborne) So seen from that perspective they made steps towards my tastes again, actually