i didnt think this was going to come out

I’m sure it’s probably cool and all, but it kind of bothers me when someone rips off another person’s artistic style so thoroughly.
I mean I know that Giger’s style gets copied all the time and influences a lot of sci-fi and horror, but this looks like they just took one of his art books and just copied it exactly.

Unless I am mistaken and they literally got Giger to do the concept art.

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Giger is dead, you fool!


I saw Jim Sterling’s video on this. It looks really promising. I like the body horror atmosphere and wonder what that gun is going to shoot… Seems really interesting

Yeah I guess that would be pretty hard to get him to collaborate in that case.

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I’m bothered by the unoriginality but I can’t deny I want a game about this specific tone very badly; divergent from Alien: Isolation in that it is truly unknowable. Of course by playing it it will become systematized and fall apart I am sure, but

The gun and tunnels reminds me of Shadow Tower: Abyss, which had an exceptionally strong and claustrophobic opening, locked in a tower, normal 19th century accoutrements, but forced to gear up with alien weapons.

Yeah I think even though the ripping off Giger is questionable, being able to play around in one of his artworks is a pretty cool prospect. Hopefully it isn’t just a generic shooter or some kind of first person puzzler with a gimmick that wears thin quickly

The trailer doesn’t give much indication but the fact that you stare at the organpile, reload your meatpounder, stare some more, then cut, all while it does nothing more than writhe and ooze, gives me hope it’s not too actiony.



Games should rip off artstyles wholesale more often (but not from other games).


Boris Vallejo game please

Frank Frazetta game please


I want a Jan svankmajer game


I could go for a Jim Woodring game myself. Or perhaps a Mœbius game. Would it be too much to ask for a… Kilian Eng game?

Actually, Hyper Light Drifter might be a Kilian Eng game if you look at it sideways.


We won’t even get a Bob Ross

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21st of October.

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This is finally out, and it’s on Gamepass. I just played about an hour of it and so far, to my surprise, it’s essentially a first-person adventure game of somewhat Riven-esque alien interface puzzles.

They do a good job putting you in a Giger painting, but I’m finding that a Giger painting is a pretty unpleasant environment to walk around solving puzzles in. I did a standard sliding block puzzle followed by a standard railway track alignment puzzle, but visually I was extracting a fucked up homunculus from a wall and then torturing it to death so I could rip its arm off and use it to open a door. The super misanthropic hell atmosphere actually makes this feel a little bit like Mad God: The Official Game of the Movie. I don’t know, the oppressively bleak setting would work for me if this were an action game, but having to slowly wander back and forth in these nasty-ass hallways for an hour trying to open a door through systematic violence… it’s kind of bumming me out.


I thought there was some shooting and stuff involved, is it really mostly puzzling?

Supposedly there are guns later, and the controls diagram does show several gunplay related buttons, but they really make you wait for it apparently.

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