SB Scanlates: Road 2 DraQue ... and more

glad to do the layout work, provide a tidy interface, do any necessary graphic work and polish off/push out the final release if anyone is interested in doing translation gruntwork !

it’s a big boy so chapter by chapter is probs ideal

raw scans here:

updated beatitude for gains: we’re doing this now, just scroll on down


Hello old post I stumbled onto somehow. I can maybe help with this if you are still interested. I like them DQs and some manga translation may be a fun change of pace from all of the equity research translation I do all week!

We are sure this doesn’t already exist in English somewhere, right?


Sweet! It doesn’t. I’ll DM you.


i’m so excited to read this!!!

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@decchan is a champ, first release very soon !

i spoke with the scanning group today, p cool stuff they do.


Prologue & Chapter One, for your perusal


amazing!!! thank you so much :slight_smile: i look forward to future chapters


Was just checking the PDF file and it seems like the last 3 pages of Chapter 1 are missing?

fixed, thanks :astonished:

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Great! Thanks again @offalynne for calmly handling the haphazard way I translated this.

This is the first time I’ve ever translated a manga in fact (I did do some (shoddy) translation work for some video games early in my career but that was a good 10 years ago now). Japanese manga writers–like game writers–are really adept at leveraging the economy of the Japanese language and it is an interesting challenge to recreate equally tight prose in English that sounds natural.

(By “interesting challenge” I mean damn hard, maybe actually the toughest translation there is??? Good game/manga translators probably deserve to get paid more–more than I get paid anyways :stuck_out_tongue:)

Anywhooo, to all you SBers: hopefully a lot of you will read this (like @formulasofsexuation) and love it and encourage me to translate the rest–I am very easily demotivated!


I just read this now too, definitely will be keeping an eye out for future releases

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Me too! This looks to be an interesting story.

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Updated with Chapters 2 & 3


love it!!! thank you so much


chapters 5 & 6 have a ton of content, but this remains in the works !!

also — @swarm dm’d me a complete transcription & translation of the wonderswan chocobo dungeon manual contents (!!) and i have a template mostly-done so i’ll typeset and post that here soon too

there’s been some interest in the shiren 2 (n64) prerelease patch discussion for a translation of that manual as well which i’ve done a little bit of graphic work for already so that’ll probably come down the pipes too when formal work on the game proper is wrapped


we are still keen on finishing the DQ comic but @decchan is a lot busier than i am… if any jp > en’rs are interested in contributing please DM !