SB Multi Kombat: Goldeneye Source (1st week Jan)

Goldeneye Source runs silky on my 2013 laptop with Intel HD4000 graphics. So, don’t leave this thread, thinking you won’t be able to run it. You probably will be able to run it.

While heavily based on Goldeneye 64, this features added improvements such as new maps, game modes, and graphics.

I’d like to get some SB’ers playing together, sometime during the first week of January. Post in here, specific days you can play.

Now watch this to get pumped

This is a standalone game with no purchase required. You don’t even have to own Half-Life 2. All that’s required is that you have a steam account (with steam installed on your computer). Installation is very straightforward and should be trouble free for most everyone.

There are several active servers. However, it would be great if 1 or 2 people with nice broadband, could volunteer to setup the server client. Then, we can create our own custom game types and lock our games from the public. At this time, my internet may not be suitable for hosting a game to multiple people. However, I will try it if we don’t get a volunteer close to game time. Worst case, we can just use a public server.

I’m not up on how SB communicates outside of the forum. If someone has a Ventrilo server or some other suggestions for a good way for all of us to chat/voice, that would be great. I have often just used Skype, for doing 3 and 4 man squads in Battlefield games.

Installation guide (if you have bittorrent, that’s your best option to get the installation files. Many of the other links are dead. I can host the files on my google drive, if getting files is an issue for someone who wants to play)

Goldeneye Source homepage

Goldeneye Source wiki homepage (detailed game info, including explanation of game modes)

If you are using Intel HD graphics on your laptop or desktop or HTPC or whatever, or otherwise have an older computer on which you once played HL2:ep2----I suggest updating your video drivers, if you haven’t within at least the last year. PM me if you need help with this. (Intel has an auto updater which I suggest you use. Manually locating their drivers can be a pain).


As “that guy who did not ever play Goldeneye” I am down for this anyway.

I’d have some free time on Saturday the 6th.

Most everything that happens off the forums is on Discord:

That’s usually how I coordinate stuff anyway! I find their voice chat to be just fine, and there’s already a voice channel for vidcons that doesn’t get used much

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bumping this thread to catch some interest