Samus Regurgitates



metroid will make us depressed again


why would you do this to yourself dips


don’t forget to buy 10 copies of this game or esle ninetendo will never make another metroid eever again!!!


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No Metroid Games Exist Besides the Approved Metroid Games


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I think the thing about positive responses to this remake is like – if you leave something hanging on a bad note and don’t do anything with it for a long while anything subsequent that’s competent on some basic level will seem very good. I also doubt that most people playing this really liked Metroid 2 to begin with and probably never had the critical language to talk about it, or they might’ve never even played it because it seemed too dated. So now with something like this where it’s formally hearkening back to the Prime trilogy, the games Before Metroid Became Bad, it’s triggering a very particular sort of response about what’s valuable.


Do you think it has any value aside from being a lesser remake? Is it at least OK like Fusion?


Fusion is way better than this

This is scrubbing away everything that made Metroid 2 Metroid 2


I bought this game for some reason.

impressions forthcoming (probably tomorrow)


Is that a promise?


I was already hesitant because Mercury Stream, but these testimonies are a lot more valuable than just straight negative pretension. So thanks for posting these!


I have like $16 on my eShop account and I don’t think there’s a 3DS game I actually feel compelled to buy at all. This is only a problem because I sorta want to sell my 3ds and don’t want to leave that money hanging.

Maybe I should get a Switch and let the balance carry over


DSi Mr Driller is fun.

Dis you get Rekka Summer Carnival '92 and Koguga?

All the Ace Attorney games?

Surely you haven’t bought all the sega classics yet.


Is there any dlc you missed out on for one of the games you own? I know that fire emblem has buckets of it.


sure. why not?

I’m about halfway or two-thirds of the way through the game by now. It’s not Metroid II, and it has some big Problems, but I’ve been enjoying it thus far for what it is.

I’ll provide more insightful commentary after I actually beat the game.


9:09:33, 60%

I like how Samus controls. The game looks fine – roughly on par with Smash Bros. for 3DS – and there are a lot of tiny background details that show that a lot of care was put into it. On its own, the music is fine. The new ‘magic’ abilities are good. The melee counter system doesn’t bother me. Moment-to-moment, the game kept me engaged. This game is okay, etc., etc., but it’s less than the sum of its parts.

The main issue with the game is that it lacked the strong creative direction needed to make a textured and cohesive experience.

Take the music, for instance. Sakamoto literally said that he didn’t give Yamamoto any meaningful creative direction when making the soundtrack. Combine this with the fact that the game was made by a 3rd party studio, and you end up with some really inexplicable decisions. For instance, every super-heated room in the game (regardless of its location) plays the theme from Magmoor Caverns, almost as if Yamamoto was shown some concept art of a ‘lava room’ from the guys in Spain without any context. No other decision w/r/t the game’s sound design is quite as baffling, though some come close.

Graphically, while things look fine to me at a glance, there is a lack of architectural cohesion. Like, in a lot of areas, cave-type visual elements are mixed with artificial stuff in such a way that’s it’s unclear whether you’re in a natural cave or inside a ruin. The addition of doors (almost) everywhere does not help with this problem.

The level design has a sort of monotonous density, as if nearly every room had to meet an enemies-per-square quota (combine that with the euro-shmup durability of the enemies, and you can get some really slow pacing at points). This is most egregious in the final area. In the original game, there was a long, empty winding path leading up to the queen’s lair. In this game, thanks to the ‘quota’ that entire path is filled with enemies, and the vast open cavern past the save point has been filled with some of the game’s most nakedly artificial ‘level design’.

These individual examples aren’t dealbreaking on their own, but I share them because they help demonstrate the ways this game fails at establishing a good sense of place or dramatic tension. While I would like to avoid comparing the game to the original (since that’s the critical lens the rest of you have been using), it’s impossible to shake the feeling while playing this that I could be playing a far, far more elegant game instead.

[Insert some positive comments about the game that I’m too tired to write.]

Overall, I’d say that this is roughly as good as Zero Mission on a first playthrough, but probably much less conducive to repeated playthroughs/speedrunning (less sequence-breaking options from the looks of it, too much fat).

I rate my experience somewhere around B or B-. Might play to 100% completion.

Good night.


Do you have Pockey Card Jockey? It’s really good.


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