Rez Infinite (and Virtual Reality in General)


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Apparently the website for the new She-Ra show is cool in VR






oh damn, i finally played a good chunk of tetris effect in vr. it’s the one game in this thing that gets better the longer you’re in it.


I beat Astro Bot last night. What an absolute joy of a toy.

Business really picks up there in the last two worlds, which was nice after the pretty damn easy-going beginning. I hope we get a sequel just so they can go even further with the concepts developed here. I haven’t really explored many of the Challenges yet though, and the couple I did play actually gave me a lot of trouble.


Yoooo so how is Zone of Enders in VR???


i checked the demo, it seemed to play quite well for a ps2 game port. idk if i wanna do that whole thing again in vr.


I thought the vr thing was a bonus bit.


hmm, im not sure. i got the impression it was for all of the combat stuff in the game.


ZOE2 is bonkers. it’s the whole game/combat in VR. i…like it. it’s super chaotic.


every one was right astro bot is good


playing Superhot VR feels like it should be illegal

Polybius is cool, but i had to stop playing after a few rounds. there’s just…so much happening.


stage 5-2 of Astro Bot is a miniature Luigi’s Mansion VR and I love it. the dual shock is also your flashlight, which can shoot a pulse of light at ghosts to destroy them - it also illuminates invisible platforms, scares ghost-trees with light sensitivities and wakes up sleepy gargoyles. it’s cute as heck.

DiRT Rally VR is wild. it’s been a while since I’ve loved a non-Kart, non-Wipeout racing game. this might be the one. I immediately sucked but also immediately started improving, which is nice. still not sure how the ‘repair’ function works exactly, but I guess it’s motivation to not send my car careening off a cliff.


You basically have a set amount of “time” to allocate to repairs after each leg of the race, so if you break too many things at once, you have to start making decisions on what to spend your time repairing.


From the little I played, it seemed like repairs were only made available after the second of four races in an event (not the first or third). Then, you allocate time for the repairs you want, but there’s no kind of confirmation at all, you just set it how you want it and then start the next race, which doesn’t make me feel like anything has actually been done. Do they just add the time to your overall time and that’s all there is to it? Or am I missing something


I’ll become a VR-believer when I can get a PSVR headset on local classifieds for $50. Derracine looks like the most interesting thing From has made since DeS.


whoa, i had no idea this existed. i’ll have to check it out.


The new Vive controllers look nothing like the old Vive controllers, nothing like the knuckles prototype, and pretty much like the Oculus Quest controllers.

I hope they have the capacitive finger detection that the Oculus touch controllers do so they have gestures. Pointing, balling up a fist, and really “grabbing” are so essential to me. And thumbs-uping.


gotta say in one year we went from there being like three or four VR experiences I could really enthusiastically recommend and the prevailing narrative being about how it’s failing to sell enough for most studios to recoup costs for me being able to make a top ten VR games list very easily


also, I think I’ve spent more time with PSVR in a week of ownership than in a year and a half of having a PC headset.

this is in large part due to almost all the PSVR exclusives being sit-down games that you can play for an hour or more at a time no problem, plus it even fits over my glasses well enough, whereas the PC stuff was always a “put the contacts in and sweat profusely for 40 minutes” situation. both sets of experiences are very compelling – we’re at a point where VR is as essential as any console has been imo – and as janky as the move controllers are and as low as the PSVR resolution is, more of the essential PC stuff is available on PSVR than vice versa, so I’d lean pretty heavily toward recommending that option at this point, which is a huge surprise to me. credit to Sony for that one.

haven’t gotten Deracine yet but I’d put each of Wipeout, RE7, Polybius, and Astro Bot as essential, joining Superhot and Sprint Vector.


Gosh darnit Felix you’re making me want PSVR! I’m really reluctant though because I only have a regular PS4, not a “pro”.