Remix'ed > Original


doesn’t happen often, but I absolutely love the remixed version of this

which happens to be this

and it’s so goo~ood.

add some remixed stuff that beats the real deal™. Yakuza 1 and FFX HD remakes are valid contributions, yes.

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is better than

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the original album has probably aged better but i like a lot of tracks off of the remix album of Vanishing Point, esp





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Also obligatory…


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(like, they knew and made the music video 4 the remix instead)

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i m o


Beck’s Broken Drum was already a great song. For those drifting away, a parting. Spacial.

But the Boards of Canada remix elevates that into a swirling, powerful current of feeling. I was gonna call it another dimension and it turns out, that’s what he did:

Beck explained, “Well, they brought something that was there, but then they just added a whole new dimension. I guess it’s quite an emotional song and they brought out something bittersweet in it that was kinda hippyish, but it doesn’t maim you with saccharine. It kinda gets you right in the chest.”

Over the years it seems to have an above average amount of fan videos made for it. I think it’s best to soak in with minimal visual interference.

Brings me back to late night drives after this album came out, post near graveyard shifts. To the first apartment shared with my ex.


Boards of Canada make everything better imo

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I’m tumblr mutuals with the person who made that! Also we accidentally ran into each other on OKCupid.

Just like stands, enbies are drawn to each other by the red string of fate.




My immediate thought was “Ignition, you dumb fucks. Duh.”


Technically a re edit, but goddamn:


So what is Video Games actually about?

It always sounded to me like the narrative of a woman who’s defining herself foremost as a “girlfriend,” and so the focus on playing video games–in that context–seemed like something she was doing to make her boyfriend happy.

In that light, it always seemed to me like a very dark, cynical representation of how video games fit into modern gender dynamics, with AAA video games as this “boy thing” that girlfriends understand distantly via the conduit of their relationship.

There is nothing more alien than a loved one’s intense investment in a black box.