Red Dead Redemption 2


okay cowboy knowledge but i hate that to reach full speed i have to spur my horse over and over because it can cause bruising and bleeding on a horse irl and a good pne should maintain a consistent speed at a charge until the rider decides not to


big boy cowboy and hisnstupid white hat


Every other Rockstar game has a soul; that soul is punk rock, and this is the first exception to that. This is the first Rockstar game that takes itself seriously.

If GTA V was too vile, I feel this game is too safe, too pleasant, and of course way too goddamn easy. As Slant pointed out, being able to pay off your bounty painlessly contravenes the sense of being hunted, and the central thrust of the narrative being “we just need more money!” is undermined by how trivial it is to afford all the weapons, horses, and camp upgrades you could want just by doing the main story missions.

Here’s hoping the Hardcore mode with stricter economy (they did it for RDR1) drops at the same time the PC release does. You could sleepwalk through this game with a mouse as-is.

It’s also confounding how meager the narrative is at doling out hardships for the gang; instead it just gives them more opportunities to rob things. It takes way too long for the first gang member to get killed, even. Nobody’s sick or old, and whatever thin threads of tension there are within the gang are left hanging (as of midway through Chapter 4, at least).

That being said, it IS pleasant, it is supremely pretty, and I am enjoying myself. I just wish the writing had more bite and the difficulty had more sting so that the myriad systems would feel like they had a point besides details for the sake of details.


Sounds like it has even more in common with GTA4 than I thought


I just wanted to get away from all the kuiling.


I’ve yet to see a game where the Story Goal is to make money but you can also make it on the side not lead to insane scenarios where everyone’s working toward One Big Score that you already have triple the amount of in your pocket.



okay youll give me the choice between six and ten point rowels on my spurs but new spurs are just a different boot strap and i cant grt genuine custom spurs anymore what kinda bullshit cowboy simulation is this


red dead redemption requires your vulnerability to work

once u ask “why?” red dead redemption falls apart


oh i know i love it i’m just mad about cowboy minutae some of which is portrayed neatly


slight spoilers for act5



i may actually not be able to keep playing this without desperately breaking down into tears


at the chance of this becoming slightly too personal, almost all of the good westerns i can think of follow plots similar to red dead in that they’re about the world turning over into a new era

outlaws start looking for a way out knowing that it cant last forever. the frontier that never really existed starts to really never exist. the things that really happened become myth and stories and hollywood movies. there were people alive during it regardless of the politics of the era being awful, and how terrible things were for people it’s a myth i grew up around

this is a picture of my dad from about 1972, and i’ve had him tell me some stories of the shellshocked looking old folk that taught him to ride horses and heard him talk about my grandpa telling stories of working on ranches in the 30s and 40’s

what, maybe four, five generations ago?

cowboy stuff always just makes me sad, because my dad has been old since i was a little kid. hell i’ve even had people tell me that they think of my dad as an old cowboy who’s been that way forever.

sorry if this got too personal in a thread about a videogame, i was crying at 3am when i posted this


Hmm, I think I’m at the point where I can do a mission that makes a bunch of people vanish from the game in a glitch. Might wait before going much further.


I really hope this ends up being a thing because it would considerably raise the stakes of the game, with a stricter economy and a greater emphasis on the resource management which would really flesh out all the systems.

Oh man, maybe I should wait until Rockstar makes it. It would be like the “Super Luigi U” of Red Dead.


It’s not a Red Dead Redemption game if I’m not taking video of some absurd visual glitch.


Wet grass shining in the sun…I think that only shows up in Breath of the Wild and now this. It’s such a striking effect


Kotaku has at least two great “highlight reel” glitch videos for RDR2. I wanted to post them and then forgot