Red Dead Redemption 2


The game certainly doesn’t do a very good job tutorializing how dead eye works. They give you a tool tip that I think you can go back and look at later but in general I think they’re expecting you to either have fun figuring it out yourself or just look it up/talk to someone online who already has.

I keep wanting to make a comparison to Dark Souls with regard to the control scheme here but I’m not quite sure the best way to word it.


are you sure this isn’t the triumphant return of overly complicated mgs 1-3 type controls we’ve all been waiting for


Basically the key thing with the guns now is that there is an extra button press because you’re cocking the hammer of the gun or rifle. Remember the early report where they were saying stuff like you have to pull back on the left stick to cock the hammer and then pull the trigger to fire? I could totally see that being something they were experimenting with when coming up with the control scheme and it just got simplified to being an extra trigger pull.


Time to confess I never used cqc in mgs3 because the pressure sensitive controls ensured I’d always fuck it up


100% this rn, i think i like this game?


I like pressing triangle to get on my horse and instead tackling a nearby civilian and having to run from the cops for 10 minutes.

That said I beat this game today. It is very long but I mostly liked it a lot. Maybe I’m a sucker for “middlebrow” stuff (a term i’ve always found overly snobby but maybe that’s me being defensive) but there was some surprising grace in a lot of the lategame stuff even as the gameplay itself seemed to get buggier and I got sloppier and tired.


I tried to get something from my horse in the early game town (I’m only up to early chapter 2), except that it wasn’t actually my horse. This lead to a cascading series of… let’s say misunderstandings and I now have a bounty on my head in the main town for about twice as much money as I’ve seen in the game so far. That’s probably not ideal.

Sadly I was trying to be somewhat honorable before this point, now I’m just robbing everyone I come across away from civilization to try and raise the funds to pay said bounty off.


I have heard that you can get rid of high bounties even with less money by permitting yourself to be captured by law enforcement. You’ll need to be on foot without a gun in your hands to surrender yourself to lawmen; you may wish to invest your spare cash in the camp or other expenses so that you don’t lose a lot of money. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test this myself, but since I’m now wanted in every state but Ambarino, I should be able to report my results soon.


I’ll post the relevant pages from the guide later but yeah this is the gist of how it works. When you surrender yourself you can choose to pay off your bounty or just serve your time in jail. And depending how long you’re in jail there’s a chance your gang will come break you out, but the more they have to do that the less enthused they will be about it because it counts as a resource drain on the camp.



Hey, they name droppin me


The more realistic these games get the dumber it is that in every engagement there are dozens of people to kill. It all starts out normal enough, with two riders approaching the train you’re robbing. It’s all good for the cutscenes. Then you kill them and people start flooding in from the sides and it’s all a huge mess. You kill what amounts to all the men living in the nearby towns but nothing changes. It doesn’t even bother me that much when Uncharted does it but in this setting it’s so much worse



can you pet the horse


You can pat/pet, brush, and feed the horse.


i’ll buy it today


And then you can tokyo drift it!


Aww yeah, it’s finally here


i have finally made it to Chapter 3, and even now i’m still not retaining the unintuitive controls as much as id like. though i am having a good time going through these feedback loops of helping out at camp and taking care of your horses/self.

my Arthur Morgan is a simple man who donates everything to his gang box, only shoots cops and Driscolls and doesn’t buy any new clothes or accessories but treats himself to a nice Deluxe bath every now and again

some days i think i don’t like this game and some days i really like some things in here, but if i find out that you can eventually adopt a dog for your hideout camp, it’ll instantly propel this title into GOTY territory for me


I stayed up until 4:30 last night trying to track and kill a perfect rabbit and perfect squirrel corpse before one or the other decomposes for some dumb optional side quest I saw on a flyer at the train station. I will try again tonight