really good mixes


just really good mixes


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That Traxx set goes like the clappers, well in


Awesome mix of Japanese “4th world ambient” music, the name music nerds gave to whatever genre the Akira soundtrack is.

This guy makes excellent weird ambient mixes with interesting themes pretty often, and puts them on his soundcloud. My other favorite is:

“Mix of Italian ambient/minimalist/avant-garde music, mostly emanating from institutions supporting the visual arts in cities like Milan and Rome: theatre production soundtracks, video installations, and architectural studies. Ethnographic plunderphonics, post-Battiato spiritual minimalism and hypnotic FM patterns, flowing with Mediterranean fourth world currents throughout.”

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My all-time favorite

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Really imaginative UK garage mix I’ve been enjoying for years now.





seeing all these russian art students able to experience this makes me depressed