Ray Bradbury Theater

I was really into this series as a kid. It was probably one of the only things that made me actively afraid of sleep and dark rooms. I’m really surprised my dad let me keep watching it after a few nights of being too scared to sleep and waking him up repeatedly.

The intro is still pretty excellent! Music and all.

I’ve been slowly rewatching lately via prime video. I guess I have some nostalgic feelings for bad creepy 80’s TV. Most of the episodes are pretty bad, and the ones that actually frightened me as a kid are laughable now.

There are a few gems though. In particular:

The Crowd

Punishment Without Crime (Donald Pleasence is pretty amazing)

Was anyone else into this?


I remember this, though not the specific episodes necessarily. I do remember The Crowd though! I think I read the story afterwards. it haunted me for a while

i might watch these now, thanks for reminding me of it!!

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