Random game names (Part 1)

I, as a crazy person, check the new release list on Steam every day on the off chance something interesting might otherwise slip by unnoticed. So far I’ve only really discovered one game this way, but it did briefly fill me with the silly worry that we might someday run out of names for games.

I was freed from this fear as there are so many random or incomprehensibly-named games released each day that I’m sure that well will never run dry. I’ve decided to copy some of them here for a while as I like to pretend that things I do aren’t completely without purpose, and in the axe as I’m not sure in a week’s time I won’t be embarrassed by the stupidity of this.

Today’s games~

  • Nantucket
  • Piwall
  • Neonicum
  • Android John 2.1
  • The Disappearing of Gensokyo
  • 4 for the Money
  • Snares of Ruin
  • Peace Phantom

snares of ruin has nothing to do with percussion


someone couldn’t figure out their favorite metal gear game


g-good heavens!


Oh hey Nantucket is finally out, thanks for the heads up

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now v. concerned Nantucket will be another Moby Dick, or, the Card Game

I do this too!! My favorite are the RPG Maker games made by westerners who try to mimic JRPG naming conventions by throwing together a bunch of random words and colons.


It very well may be but I need a place to live out my whaling fantasy

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Adam (one of the good’uns at RPS) wasn’t terribly fond of it:

ah yes, who can forget Wendia: Silentium of Ventus

apparently not me!


This review doesn’t seem all that negative. But I might be better served with another go at Sunless Sea

Then you must go forth and report back!

I’ve found it to be more like a version of Pirates with less mini-games and less possibilities

This is what weakens my interest; I want more flavor if I’m going to do a game like this again

I mean, I could bring a harpoon to the next meetup and you could throw it from the bow of a rented boat at a tarp or something.

Today’s games are less kooky

  • The Tale of Toast
  • Super Bugman Extreme Ultra
  • Super Star Panda
  • John Lazarus - Episode 1: Dead Man’s Origin
  • Yeti’s Parole Officer
  • Shooty Fruity
  • Gay World
  • Dude, Stop

Gay World is… well let’s go with the game’s store page description.

I guess enjoy the next 251 years before this is our new reality >_>


Dude, Stop sounds like someone is using Steam’s store to call for help. How many achievement padding games are really conduits for spy communication?


I wonder if one can use this to pinpoint the exact day Valve stopped enforcing any kind of standards

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Steam has switched from “we have some minimal amount of oversight” to “occasionally we’ll decide after the fact that we didn’t really want you to put Actual Pornography on our service, but only if we notice.”


This game looks extremely Shareware.

It’s too bad that stuff like this coexists with things like Gay World, because I love that Steam is this new place for really weird amateur games. But I can actually pay money for them!!!

EDIT: oh my god this description:

“What’s the result of not quitting a day job and toiling off-hours for 8 years? This hot pile of garbage! Enjoy a mishmash of random ideas that have popped in my head over the past decade, shoved into a 2D-Platforming game!”

I’m buying this.


looks like the best thing since matt thorson’s an untitled story

god help me, maybe the thing in games i’m most nostalgic for is hobbyism actually being a thing people paid attention to


Shooty Fruity is a legit great name