Radical Dreamers is OUT, and it's time to SNEXpress yourself once again

Our episode about Radical Dreamers is out!! Go listen to it or else I will come round to your house and gently place my (recently cleaned) earbuds directly into your ears and raise the volume until it is a comfortable level and play this entire episode to you:

listen to radical dreamers baby

It might not be ready quite yet so give it a few minutes. @la_ciel chose this game, and we were joined by @Tulpa, @HOBO, and @Closed. Also! @AutomaticTiger edited this episode, and we’re really shooting for a monthly schedule here thanks to her efforts.

Go listen now!!

ALSO It’s time to fight for your right to vote for one of these three randomly chosen games for us to play on our next episode!! Vote on Twitter, and game descriptions are below:

We’ve got three real bangers here, and I’m excited to see what wins:

Micro Machines 2 - Turbo Tournament


Micro Machines is a top down racing game where you race tiny toy cars, tanks, buggies, etc. along pool tables, beaches, and other everyday places. This…is the sequel. Giant Bomb says:

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament is a racing game developed by Supersonic Software (DOS releases) and Codemasters (Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, and SNES releases). The game was published by Codemasters (Genesis, PC, and Game Gear releases) and Ocean Software (SNES and Game Boy releases).

Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament added a variety of things to the Micro Machines series. It was the first Micro Machines game in which cars handles differently on each course and the first title in which helicopters and hovercraft featured. The idea behind this was to add variety to the gameplay but the differences in handling where minimal except for the case of the hovercraft which was very tricky to handle.

Cosmo Gang - The Puzzle


It’s Pac-Attack starring mascots from Namco gambling machines. GB:

Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle is a puzzle game from Namco and the second game to feature their Cosmo Gang characters. The Cosmo Gang were originally attached to a group of redemption games (like pachinko or claw machines) from Namco, but would eventually star in two Arcade games: Cosmo Gang: The Video, a Galaga clone, and Cosmo Gang: The Puzzle.

This game would become the basis of Namco’s more well-known puzzle game Pac-Attack, featuring Pac-Man. As with Pac-Attack, the idea is to stack up a lot of the animated face icons (members of the Cosmo Gang) in an unbroken chain and then drop a bomb (shaped like an arrow) that goes down the chain and eliminates them all at once.

Super Professional Baseball/Super Bases Loaded


I think that Giant Bomb says it best with:

Super Bases Loaded plays similarly to actual American baseball

The big deal here is the focus on realism, actual batting mechanics, and the fact that the ball can remain in the air for up to 10 seconds during a pitch for some reason. More details from GB:

Super Bases Loaded in the first Super Nintendo entry in Jaleco’s Bases Loaded series of baseball games, known in Japan as Super Professional Baseball. The game uses an unusual perspective for its batting/pitching, and employs far more realistic-looking athletes. This is counter to Namco’s more famous Super Famista/Super Batter Up, which uses super-deformed characters.

Super Bases Loaded was followed by the Japan-exclusive Super Professional Baseball II. The second Super Bases Loaded, Super Bases Loaded 2, is actually a localization of Jaleco’s later game Super 3D Baseball.

Vote or die




every time i see someone say poggers i feel so old


something something moar liek radical leftist dreamers

okay i got that out of my system now to listen to the cast

EDIT: okay you fellas came close enough to making that joke i am satisfied

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radical dreamers is one of my favorite games to play in the middle of the night in the dark and finish up as the sun is rising.


I like micro machines but I MUST learn more about cosmo gang.

going to the Chrono Compendium page on this game and then hearing @HOBO reading aloud the part i was looking at right on time was a top tier snexploration listening moment 10/10 episode would recommend again


im just pogging for some baseball


radical dreamers is the sensitive and neglected middle child of video game


I loved this episode


Still working my way through but wow y’all didn’t know Kamaitachi no yoru is shocking to me. Turns out I have learned a lot of useless game stuff over the years.

Anyways bachelor was right just watch the Game Center CX episode. I have had the ios version on phones for 10 years and keep starting it and then abandoning it 10 minutes in. It is written As a cozy mystery like a Detective Conan or Agatha Cristie (I think it is better written than AC though.)

Anyways I will update this thread when I have 3 hours with an open laptop and the proper emulator to play Radical Dreamers in Japanese.

What was the decided upon emulator?

I used SNES9X on my phone, which seems to work fine.

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verygood episode! thans to everyone who contributed


Hi I am now playing the Japanese version on SNES9x standalone because it would not work in Retroarch.

Baseball won, baby

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Halfway through the episode, I’m sorry to say that nobody has pronounced Serge right yet

One of my Chrono Cross mysteries that was solved by playing Radical Dreamers was why the (chaotic, loud) battle music is so atrocious when the rest of the OST is fantastic. Turns out the battle theme was lifted entirely from Radical Dreamers where it fit a lot better because every battle seemed like a life or death struggle, as opposed to Chrono Cross where you’re just absolutely trouncing komodos on the beach with no difficulty


I’m so glad we all said it wrong

I thought it was like serge gainsbourg


Yeah it’s supposed to be like Serge Gainsbourg but you also said Serge Gainsbourg wrong I am sorry


Yeah I’ll promote my unsollicited bonus episode. That’s 4 minutes of content!

Seriously do not listen to this on a stereo or around children or your spouse or your dog.


there’s never been a better time (to listen to this episode)