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any router has to be better than the pieces of shit the isps give you. had a bunch of problems that wound up being resolved by getting an actual, dedicated router.


Be cool like me and get a wired-only router and separate power-over-ethernet access point(s)


That’s 90spunk as heck, gotta hand it to you

The ultimate LAN party home

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Ok, so I’m pretty agnostic when it comes to games, so I think I just meant “getting into playing TTRPGs on the internet” when I said “getting into Roll20”.

Are there any TTRPG threads here or???

You can put APs in much more convenient places than a wifi router. I have mine mounted to the ceiling in the hallway


Yeah what gary said!

Come theorycraft and recruit players!

(probably the best way to get people on this forum to actually do something is post in the axe tho)

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just remembered this, my proudest post, and felt the need to search it and quote it thanks

my question is more of a comment


I’ve been wanting to get away from GMail for a while now. I’ve been told people have had mail sent to me bounce, and apparently GMail servers are being blacklisted for sending spam, so. Can anybody recommend a good alternative? I used to use Hushmail back in the day, but I don’t think they’re free anymore, so fuck them.

You’re way more likely to be blacklisted on more obscure providers. Nobody can get away with mass blacklisting of Gmail accounts, the service has too much clout. That’s one of the forces that led to so much centralization in the first place.

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Has anyone got any initial impressions / opinions / hot takes on Astral Chain yet?

I haven’t seen anyone say anything negative about it yet

except a bunch of gamers are review bombing it on metacritic because they’re mad it’s a switch exclusive

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vice of all people were the only ones to have the “it’s a little repetitive and your powers are all turnkey situational zelda stuff” take which is the main thing I was expecting to to find wrong with it but I haven’t checked it out yet, too much else to play

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If I went out and got an Xbone would I be able to re-download and play Xbox live arcade games that I bought years ago? Galaga Legions specifically is a game I’d want and it is on the backwards compatibility list.

unless it’s been pulled to an extent that someone took the drive it was on and smashed it up and lit the broken mess on fire, yes, totally. my Xbone has had Sonic CD, Monday Night Combat and Phantom Breaker BattleGrounds installed on it since the day 360 BC launched

in fact, the Games & Apps section has a tab of all games ready to install which is pretty much a library page

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Does anyone have an opinions on whether Dropbox, MS OneDrive, Google Drive, MEGA, Mediafire or other should be one’s free (possibly eventually paid) cloud backup service of choice?

Piggybacking onto this: I used to leave my GameMaker Studio files in a OneDrive folder because then I could very handily work across two different computers on my projects. Then something changed and doing that basically always leads to fucking up my assets (I think especially 'cause every little piece of a GMS game is a separate file) and me having to restore from a backup–so, of course, I quit doing that a few months ago. Is there a service that wouldn’t do me like this? Or something where syncs only happen with the press of a button?

all of those kinda skew more toward sync than backup

i started using backblaze recently and initial impressions are good, i was kinda impressed that you can request they ship your backups to you on a drive as well as merely downloading a zip

It’s extremely meaty and not a merc Transformers type Platinum deal. Very long too. It’s like a mix between Wonderful 101 and Nier Automata in a lot of ways. There’s a surprising amount of story and a lot of police-y (anime police-y) stuff in it that is more than just bayonetta-lite combat.

The combat itself does have a lot of moving parts especially once you unlock everything but it’s not overly complex. The scoring system is a little odd in that speed (and doing a few special moves) seems more important than not taking damage or not using items, so just be advised if your main draw for Plat is very fancy clean fighting to get your medals.

The vibe in general I really liked although be advised if Being A Cop sets you off because you will occassionally do something like arrest a guy spraying graffiti or something. For the most part you’re fighting demons and rescuing cats. The soundtrack is great.

There’s a TON of secret stuff, I was constantly missing quests and hidden items (there’s both a hidden toilet in every stage and a hidden cat you can rescue and keep in a cute cat apartment with a really great music track playing over it) but it didn’t bug me. I clocked in at like 25 hours and that’s without touching the extensive post-game(!) content as well. There’s a lot to do here as far as character action goes.

It’s ambitious and the mixing and matching of a lot of elements probably won’t click for a good amount of people, especially those that are mainly looking for Bayonetta 3, but if you’re down with stuff other than just Perfect Dodging your way through battles (harder in this game than you’d expect) there’s a lot to enjoy. I’d be happy to see this get sequels.


The combat in that Transformers game got ridiculously good later on, making it maybe my favorite Platinum game, or at least up there (not their best, just maybe the most enjoyable for me). Some of the higher difficulty fights required ridiculous stuff that made it shine.