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yeah i think the only grid based rpg id wanna play handheld would be shining force (which i have!), the fights are super arcadey. like you jump in do one fight in like 15 minutes, save and come back later


also you can always run a ps1 emulator on your phone


im actually considering straight up buying the original since i have a working PS2 and used copies are not as crazy expensive as i assumed they’d be


yeah it was a greatest hits game
i remember frys electronics still selling copies for ten bucks in like, 2009


this would have been good knowledge to have before buying a Japanese copy of the original this week but oh well

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speaking of the outer wilds, I keep seeing people talk about this game in the past tense even though it isn’t actually out yet. is it only available to backers or something? should I wait until it’s actually done to play it?


Outer Wilds came out on the Epic games storefront a while ago

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I see that now. thanks! I’m bad at googling I guess because the first few sites it loaded made no mention of release.


Yeah, I’m pretty sure they have timed exclusivity deals with Epic and Microsoft. I wanted to get it on Steam, but after asking Tulpa about it, I decided not to wait, and I’m really satisfied with my decision. I’ve been low-key obsessed with the game ever since; I’ve watched around 7 people play through it on YouTube. Don’t do that if you haven’t played it yourself, though. Go in with as little foreknowledge as possible.


I have not played this game or seen but have seen tulpa and cuba and yourself now obsessed with it. Would a Rudie like it? What are the if you like X, Y, and Z you would like Outer Wilds?

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good video games


Consider No Man’s Sky, but there’s no crafting, no progression, no dynamic content generation of any sort: you’re exploring a specific, hand-crafted series of planets and other stellar phenomena, and you start out with all the tools and abilities you will need to do literally anything in the game. The only limiting factors are your own knowledge and understanding, and sometimes the laws of physics or biology. To facilitate the development of your understanding, they have provided you with my favorite computer log system in any video game. It’s part map, part bulletin board, covered in virtual Post-Its and Polaroids that the game updates automatically as you make connections and discoveries.

This game is ten to twenty hours of the purest, most rewarding exploration available. This solar system isn’t static, either: it contains dynamic transformations that do mean you can unfortunately be at the right place at the wrong time, but fortunately a recent patch has given you additional time-management tools, and they’ve also made certain obscure time-limited puzzles slightly less inscrutable, which was my only real complaint.


more seriously, it’s like if Riven were more accessible and tons of fun to move around in. No Man’s Sky is probably the closest modern surface-level analogue for what you do in it, but instead of being minecraft it’s a perfectly scoped and touching adventure game


On the other hand, and in fairness to all of us, anticipating “what Rudie will like” in the future tense is absolutely inscrutable


I’d say the five points of the pentagram that has summoned Outer Wilds from Games Heck are Riven, Solar Jetman, Fez, Majora’s Mask, and Mercenary II: Damocles


Solar Jetman! that was one of those games that I’m not sure how I ended up with as a kid that I just couldn’t stop playing because it was so vast and forbidding

granted it could be equally well described by “why is this Amiga game on the NES”

NES adventure games were generally really neat, I also loved a boy and his blob


how to set up mednafen, im using epsxe

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I didn’t really know anything about Outer Wilds either but now i will stop at nothing to play it