Put Some Ikaruga On (unusual scripts)

Does anyone know if the writing in Ikaruga is a real language or not?

looks a bit like devanagari script to me

Yeah, this is what someone in the Discord said too. I guess they look different from each other but I see the similarities. Not that I know anything about this kind of thing anyway.

the fourth and fifth letters especially are definitely devanagari, the others not so sure of. i tried to learn hindi when i was like, in middle school, so

व + vowel

द ?

it looks pointier and less top line heavy than Devanagari to me (I’ve been half-assing trying to teach myself for a few years). It reminds me more of what I saw in Sikkim by the monasteries, which is a Tibetan script. Anyway, looking around a little, a few of the characters look like Eastern Nagari. I’ll post comparisons when I’m at a keyboard

If it was still Internet 1.x there’d be a great web shrine with all this already figured out : (


This is the best I could find in Eastern Nagari -

ও ষ গ বে খ ? দ

not all that compelling, sorry to have failed you lost geocities shrine

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Been staring at different Tibetan scripts and I think I’m at a similar level of unsatisfying closeness.

Umê seems closest because it doesn’t have those flat tops.

The game has a bit of a Buddhist bent right?, so it’s probably the right direction to be looking in, at least. Even if it’s just a Japanese-tainted riff on those.





Okay, I tihnk I’m bonji-ed out,

but I’ll come back to this


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excellent work gumshoe

I can’t stop seeing faces in the vowel+consonant characters, I think I may be a little tired

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last syllable there is def hā

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So far I’ve got

maybe this?? c’c’a

or the ma from here: http://www.omniglot.com/writing/siddham.htm

  • one of these 2:

and then your hā


youtube saw: “(TL note: the Sanskrit word “On-Marishiei-Sowaka” is a spell of “Marishiten” who is the goddess of shimmering air. The spell has a power to escape every disaster.)”

likely from:

(or オン・マリシエイ・ソワカ)


^ materials related to the movie adaptation of this Japanese novel


that’s from this site: http://www.lighten.org.tw/light/index.php/mandala/2012-10-08-08-11-29/431-t221avalokitesvara-mantra-
these two exampels are the closest I’ve found to another depiction of this phrase, but it unfortunately hasn’t gotten me any closer to finding out what variant of sanskrit was used.


yeah, I’m in agreement about all of those. I got the ri: and c’i before I had to go do something else.

So I’m guessing it doesn’t actually mean “warning” but it does mean something

The mantra seems to take the form of
“Om-Marici ??? So-Ha”

So that second to last syllable has to be ss,o

So far we can safely confirm that it is
om ma ri: c’i ??? ss,o ha:

Oh, maybe it’s not ss,o but ms,o

om ma ri: c’i me ms,o ha:

which works out to the common result on google for the mantra

Om Marici Mam Soha

I’m not totally comfortable with that

maybe that 5th syllable is actually ye



So, I’m almost certain now that the proper sequence is

om ma ri ci ye sva ha

Which seems in line with the other most common form of the mantra,

om marici yeh suoha

and in line with what @stylo just linked about how mantras often end with svaha

It’s also roughly parallel with the japanese line from creep’s link



Figured I’d bust on in here to point out another shmup that uses ancient script/speech (IIRC, that is):

Thunder Force’s lore gets pretty fucking out there after TF4.

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