Pulse Wave, a podcast about game boy music


Check it out, I made a cool podcast about game boy music. There are already two (2) episodes!! I honestly think it’s really friggin good, especially the second episode where I don’t blast the volume on the songs as much. I try to include interesting bits about the composers or games when I can find the credits.

But I wanna know what you think!!

Also it’s not on Apple yet but it’s on like, a bunch of other things, and you can always add the RSS feed.

Also you can follow on Twitter:


Anyway I’m trying to do this weekly, so look forward to me posting in this thread like, once a week.



Edited out the embedded link because it was literally crashing my phone lol

New episode about JRPG battle music! And not a single “war criminal apologist” was featured, but that’s because Sugiyama’s battle themes aren’t that good or interesting IMO.

Also on itunes now


oh and if pulse wave isn’t in your favorite podcatcher let me know what it is and I’ll add the RSS feed to it. I already added it to Player.fm because that’s the one I use.

Great use of weird obscure tracks. That Lufia 3 battle theme got me through the game!! I love it but I had forgotten about it!

My rep would be Ito’s Mana 1 serious boss battle theme, which like the FFL2 track immediately travels me back in time when Square RPG meant austere sprites and countless tragedies

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finally got a chance to listen to this and this rules absolutely, thank you. i’ll add it to my list of “one day” songs

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OH and if anyone has suggestions put them in this thread!! I’ll do my best to fit them into themes, or they’ll go in a Leftovers episode where I just put a bunch of stuff that didn’t quite make the cut or wasn’t on theme

Episode 4? It’s out:

Listen here if you like: PW4 - Platformers by Pulse Wave • A podcast on Anchor

Or on all fine podcatchers. Some bangers on this one, and a 7/8 time signature for part of one song.

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So many bangers. Why is the Prehistorik Man gameboy music so good

I also had Castlevania the Adventure as a kid and also disliked it but it really had a powerful aura. That song was probably a large part of it… I’m sort of curious about revisiting the game now!

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This one was extra weird because that song is an original to the GB, I forgot to mention that. No other version even slightly resembles it!!

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New episode! It’s leftovers from previous episodes, so not specifically themed. Instead I talk quite a bit about my process, which is jank as hell.

@Tuxedo I used the FFA battle 2 music in this one! It’s a good song.

Also if you wanted MP3s of the songs I’ve used in previous episodes, I’ve organized these very nicely and they should look decent in your music player as well:



very strong chance I am the only person listening to game music for fun outside of this podcast though

The podcast is excellent honestly, I’ve listened to each episode religiously

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That’s wonderful to hear thank you!!

Episode 6 is out! This is the most ambitious one yet - I compare ports and covers to their original songs. I had a lot of fun putting this together, hopefully I was accurate in what I said.

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Okay it didn’t work the first time, but the new upload is up, oops!!!

I just started listening to these today and I gotta say this is a good podcast.


new episode! 1989 and 1990 weren’t great years for game boy music, but they were surprisingly good.

Also I missed last week because I was sad, my usual excuse


“ooh my name’s Cania and i missed but one of my four or five podcasts yesterday for personal reasons” that’s what you sound like right now


tbf it’s only 3 podcasts right now