Pre-nineties Asian covers of Western pop songs (continued).

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Looks like Miki Asakura has a bunch of covers, here’s her version of I Need a Hero:

& Billie Jean

& ‘What a Feeling


Trying to find a clip for 少女隊’s version of Black is Black I turned up this Viet popstar Thai Tai:

Here’s them doing Daydream Believer and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You instead:

Minako Tanaka doing a version of The Ronettes’ Be My Baby.


Ippu-Do doing a cover of Time of the Season by The Zombies

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Takako Ohta - Pebbles’ "Girlfriend"

Yellow Magic Orchestra - The Beatles’ "Day Tripper"


Heavy metal cover of “The Hollies - Bus Stop” by Misako Honjoh

And a cover of Cream’s White Room also by Misako Hohjoh

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I like Chopin by ??? (just kind of showed up in this random playlist I found)

jesus christ.

A chinese cover of Q-Feel’s “Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)” by Anna Ueyama

As well as a cover she did of Bobby Freeman’s "Do You Wanna Dance"

This was released in the 1990 but I think it still fits as it sounds pre-90s. This is a cover of The Nolan’s “Sexy Music” by Wink

This is a song that’s originally by a Quebecois band named Mashmakhan, the song is well known where I come from but like most Canadian music I didn’t expect it to be known else where. Apparently it did really well in Japan though! Here is the cover of their song “As The Years Go By” by Susumu Arima And New Creators. I don’t know if this song is known in the States but I’m really surprised to hear a cover of it.


I didn’t realise that Wink song was a cover!

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I think most Wink songs might just secretly be covers?

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Another cover of Be My Baby

Zeta Wong doing a cover of Gimme Some Lovin’ by The Spencer Davis Group

Zeta Wong doing a cover of Mony Mony by Tommy James and the Shondells

And another cover she did of Tokyo Town by Sarah Bendavar

She also did covers of Hip to be Square, Funky Town and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away but I don’t want to post a million video links.


Two covers of Lady Lily’s “Get out of my life” by

Priscilla Chan

and Hayami Yu

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i’m not sure when they were recorded but teresa teng has an album of covers. it wasn’t relased till 97 apparently but she died in 93 so i feel like it counts.


just found this one:

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Jun Togawa doing a cover of Sylvie Vartan’s "La plus belle pour aller danser"


(1991 though)

The Japanese bedroom musician Ventla has an amazing summertime pop mix that I think includes some Japanese covers of western pop, or at least it does have a Japanese dude operatically singing the Star Wars theme song:

Kylie Minogue’s Turn It Into Love

Forgot Wink was already talked about but another one for the pile