"Power Pop"


This seems like the type of music I would have gotten into a long time ago, but for some reason I never really stumbled across it until after I have basically stopped being super concerned with finding and listening to cool music.

Anyway, this

is probably one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, and every time I hear it I think I should find other music in this genre that is similar, but thus far haven’t been able to do it that well. Anyone else into this era/genre of music?

Also, Tommy Keene just died, I don’t wanna be a poser and post links to his songs cos I don’t really know his music at all, but it seems like as good an occasion as any to try to get into it.


Oh, to save everyone time I should point out that the one exception to this in my Listening History is that I went through an extremely brief and intense phase of listening to almost nothing but Big Star and Chris Bell’s solo album “I am the Cosmos”, and this happened to also occur during a brief and intense phase of my life in general, so I will probably never be able to listen to either of those things ever again.


edit i guess this isn’t what you’re looking for! but i always kind of thought it was a sort of proto power pop


It’s all good! This song is great, thanks!


anything Big Star related


The Lemon Twigs recently put out a couple bangers. They are so ridiculously talented; they’re two brother making cool stuff and one of them is still a teenager


power pop!

^ not a picture of the band



based on many of your recent posts im going to assume we have very similar taste in music, which is great. thanks for the tunes!


The New Pornographers are my go-to power pop favorite and they whip


i don’t know nothing about these boys but these songs are real cool


seconded. champions of red wine is my favourite bc it kinda sounds like if stevie nicks wrote a synthpop song