Post your favourite obscure game character roster (no crossovers)

Rules of the thread:

  1. No crossovers.
  2. Obscure games only.
  3. A roster is 5 or more playable characters.
  4. Games where all characters are mechanically identical are OK.
  5. Judge the roster by: stylistic variety among the characters, how much they convey about the setting of the game, whether the roster feels cohesive, etc.

My current vote is Kingdom Grandprix:

While this blends fantasy and sf, there’s a mostly stable technology level among them, and there are few interesting divisions to be made between them: pilots vs. giant flyers, soldiers vs. treasure hunters, age, etc.


In Dark Savior, you can capture your enemies and they get added to your roster. I can’t take a picture of everyone that’s in the roster, but you can get a banana with maracas, a cyborg bear, a sake drinking Siberian tiger, and Blade the Killing Machine.

Forget to mention that the roster is cohesive because it’s set on a prison island so these are the baddest of the bad.


i like that honest john a lot! he says something like “hey! it’s my turn” every time you pick him which is nice. is chitta’s name also gun-dalf or is that what she named her ship? very good joke, sounds like some stupid shit i would say

dunno if it’s my favorite or if it’s obscure enough, but i really like all the people in gunbird 2. i usually go with tavia because bc i tend toward the blue haired anime girls and she’s fast as heck. think i like all of them, except for ayin (tho i do like his special with all the roses bustin’ all over the screen) and morrigan. they’re the hardest to use!


rules clarification: what counts as obscure? it keeps throwing me off

rules clarification: what counts as obscure? it keeps throwing me off

How about: it has to be less well-known than Twinkle Star Sprites (1996). That’s the arbitrary cutoff.

More obscure than it:

  • Puchi Carat
  • Logos Panic Goaisatsu
  • Psychic 5

Less obscure than it:

  • Panel de Pon
  • 13 Sentinels
  • Snowboard Kids



I have a real soft spot for the original MM racers but the Micro Maniacs roster is so evocative of the post-grunge/early y2k aesthetic that I can’t not post them.


My dad brought me Micro Machines when I asked for Micro Maniacs for my birthday and I’ve never forgiven him


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This isn’t a roster of characters, technically, but hopefully it’s close enough to be acceptable because I can’t think of a better lineup.

(It’s Mail Order Monsters.)

You get to customize your monster. As a kid, I loved the idea of, for example, a dinosaur with tentacles or photosynthetic skin and a missile launcher strapped to its back.


Shout out to the fun cast of original characters in Armed Police Batrider.