Podcast Episode #87: Holiday Deathcast VII: End of the Road


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Episode #87: Holiday Deathcast VII: End of the Road MP3

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Werewolves, creamed corn, sorted shrimp. The death of 2018…the cast of our lives.

Episode #87, ft. anothersphere, AutomaticTiger, B_coma, boojiboy7, decinoge, felix, HOBO, rudie, shrug, and tulpa


I tried searching for “Select Button” in Google podcasts and I need you to see what the first results were:

I eventually found the feed, but it appears to show ep 86 as the most recent episode.


Also including rudie and booji of hingeproblems.com.

That’s hingeproblems.com.


This better be one of those things where your search results are tainted by your own shitty searches


Gods, I hope not. I’ve never searched for PUAs or alt-right podcasts.


That’s probably cuz I’m on the podcast.

Looks like some creepy asshole’s jacked my Global Seducer brand.


Are you a bonafide Super Seducer?


Yes but don’t make me prove it.


You’re already worlds ahead of Richard La Ruina


More like Bad Coma for forgetting booji and me.


That’s what I get for posting these at 4 am. I’ll fix


Look I know I was one of the nine people on this; this is really funny.




That Stan Bush montage is a goddamn treasure.