Podcast Episode #85 + #86: Chef's Special Platter

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Episode #85: Chef’s Special Platter (Low Rank) MP3

Episode #86: Chef’s Special Platter (High Rank) MP3

Episode Description:

select button dot net is proud to present a two-part Monster Hunter extravaganza.

In the Low Rank episode, our panel rambles on about a variety of topics such as: mountain bosses, gripes about Frontier, whether it is acceptable to be anime or not, content reuse throughout the series, and world building. (Don’t fret, we didn’t restrict our discussion to Low Rank content.)

In the High Rank episode, we stay focused a bit more and cover the larger omissions from the earlier episode: monsters at large, hunt dynamics, the grind loop, locales, and more… (Use a fancy-pants podcast app, and you’ll get to enjoy chapter navigation and an array of relevant screenshots throughout this episode.)

Big thanks to HOBO for hooking us up with some sweet cover art for these episodes!

Low Rank musical choices:

  • Rotten Vale Battle Theme - Monster Hunter World
  • Nargacuga Theme - Monster Hunter X/Generations
  • Zenaserisu Theme - Monster Hunter Frontier Z
  • Gogmazios Theme Part 1 - Monster Hunter 4G/4 Ultimate
  • Pokke Village Theme - Monster Hunter Portable 2nd/Freedom 2

High Rank musical choices:

  • Guild Hall 3 Theme - Monster Hunter 4
  • Mizutsune Theme - Monster Hunter X/Generations
  • Shooting Stars and Airships - Monster Hunter Tri
  • Deviljho Theme - Monster Hunter Tri
  • Volcano Theme - Monster Hunter Tri
  • Meownster Hunters Minigame Theme - Monster Hunter X/Generations
  • Pokke Village Theme - Monster Hunter Swing (compilation)

Episode #85 and #86, ft. Sakurina, CourierRice, index-j, gary (ep. 85 only)


Thanks to @Sakurina for doing all of the legwork on putting this together, I am so overwhelmed with life this year that I could not even come close to pulling together another um, april fools thing.

also thanks to @CourierRice @r-i @gary

oh my god, my lack of particularly rigorous vocal practice has mostly lead to me sounding like the terrible nerd that I am, I need to never speak again

there’s a lot we didn’t get around to talking about, which I’ve pulled together into a bit of an sprawling addendum here

  • dissecting how early-preview invaders in flagships and endgame invaders like bazelgeuse and deviljho have been regularly practiced and comparing that to the emphasized food chain in World

  • my old loving gender metaphorage ripped out of the magala family,

  • particular examples going into why some earlier unvoiced npcs work compared to a certain overbearing generic enthusiasm in world-

and how the localization kind of deflated on the most recent and popular game in the series

going from



to this


but the one thing we absolutely should have brought up with considering the eventual cover art and cat chefs are the exotic foodstuffs in this series

  • mammoth tongues ("are popular, healthy, and fun to eat. ")
  • phantom lightning unicorn butter (it’s… invisible?..)
  • giant hermit crab brains
  • sandfish guts
  • honeyed giant ant stomach
  • laser rock dragon wing
  • what is only known as meatwagon

regardless! I think we relatively succeeded in getting out something reasonable relatively close to World’s release, even if it was quite the anxious and troublesome hassle (and I’m quite sad we missed out on BustedAstromech, need to make it up for him some time)

big thanks to @Sakurina for having pulled together things, @CourierRice for entertaining me thinking mh thoughts for forever in anticipation of this, and for @gary to have popped in and provided some rounding out of us rambling fogies

now people should be blessedly free of me talking for fucking ever about this shit, as I have to go hide in a corpse swamp out of self-conscious terror for a few months millennia.


finally listened to this and it was great, somebody really hassle me into joining whenever the g-rank chapter gets recorded

are y’all really playing 4u?

I’m trying to 100% village quests in MH Generations because I would rather do that than play World

I listened to #85 and thought it was great too! Everyone did great and was cool to listen to. 86 up next!

@r-i et al i super loved your talk about the post-post-apocalypse stuff. i remember you posting about the mantis way back so it was cool to hear it again

sadly i fell off the mh train after feeling lukewarm towards 4u so im not familiar w any of the monsters relevant to the theme

oops I forgot to watch this thread. I’m glad it’s being received well!

fwiw almost all of the monsters relevant to the “sins of mankind” stuff is japan-only, so we mostly know via youtubers and the monhun wikia.

THE SELECTBUTTON PODCAST is now available on Stitcher because I yelled at @B_coma! It rules. Thank you based coma


5 minutes into #85 and I am not going to stand for these aspersions cast at the noble Monster Rancher. I am furious

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