Podcast Episode #81: Labyrinthine Hellscape


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Episode Description:

This episode: another stab at vidcon dungeon experiences, sending us down the winding deathmaze we shan’t escape. Click the “next” to learn about the Top 9 Ten Butt Dungeons.

Episode #81, ft. DewGoddess4_2_0, Father.Torque, felix, Godamn_Milkman, haley, shrug, and Tulpa


@DewGoddess4_2_0, @Father.Torque, @felix, @Godamn_Milkman, @haley, @shrug, and @Tulpa

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did I even say anything? I’ll have to listen for my whiney ass voice to find out!


who drew the art for this episode, I dig it

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I forgot we did this

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the first episode where haley spoke up for more than 2 mins lol

will listen at work and find out how dumb i sound

that cover art is real good btw

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I know B does a lot of the covers himself but that doesn’t look like his style


This cast was real good. I have no idea how y’all managed nearly three hours of this though.


I did do the cover art! Though I was biting Nina Matsumoto’s style.


Damn B. Nice job.

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it is haleypunk


I enjoyed listening to this being recorded while i played Demon’s Souls.

I feel like a nitwit for not speaking up re: Zelda dungeons, but i’d just been watching Boss Keys and i guess i was worried about biting too many of Mark Brown’s points. Also, shyness


Speak up more. I liked what you had to say


Almost two hours in and a really cool episode so far!

Person who talked about making dungeons (who had made TF maps and stuff) should maybe contact me about joining in on this ;՞) ;՞) ;՞) ;՞) https://moonlitcorpse.neocities.org/


I might wanna rejoin in on that if you’ll have me back. I think I can actually focus on it enough now that I can actually make my dungeons (I forgot all of my planned features)



You can start soon if you want to pick it up while you’re keen?

I have to send out a new email soon 'cause it’s kinda drifted away, so I’ll add you back in.


I listened to the first 30 minutes of this last night - all hail the return of the “Games you have been playing” segment.

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Yo if I can huff and umm my way through these things at 1/4 standard human speaking speed how I do and not receive any hate mail I don’t think anyone needs to be shy about chiming in ever.

Of course I’m so heavily medicated that conscious anxiety is a thing of the past!


Shrug you are good at podcasting.

Sleepy you are also good at podcasting.

All of you are, in fact. SB is my fav vidgam podcast

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A+ Brink of Time usage in this here podcast

HOLY CHRIST, what is this acoustic guitar Doom cover???

I always put this in when I host, and I think most other people do too. Adds much needed flavor, mixes up pacing and warms people up/gets them loose for talking about topic. Has there been a rash of episodes without it? Don’t recall…