Podcast Episode #79: Sing Swan Song (Wii U)


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Episode Description:
Wii Eulogy.

Episode #79, ft. Doolittle, Godamn_Milkman, Felix, ronk, and VirtualClint aka Clint University Online


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I really wish we’d played Breath of the Wild before we recorded this. It seems silly in hindsight to have counted Zelda out.


would of been months then… IDK the Breath of the Wild deserves it’s own dang cast.


That’s true. And by the end of the cast we were much less negative than we began.


there’s a couple of good absurdist comedy spots in this where users of selectbutton dot net pretend to not like furry porn or know the word waifu


nobody wants to be my furry waifu.


this was good

wii-u is the only console you can play elliot quest on, though


in my defense I have literally never said or heard “waifu” out loud before. I wasn’t sure if people said “wife-oo” or some poorly represented japanese accent of “wife”

but also i just got super embarrassed

did i say i don’t like furry porn? i uh try not to talk about porn


I like this podcast lineup but was surprised at the love for 3d World. I thought the consensus was that despite its polish the game was incredibly boring.


3d world is a fuckin all-time banger


How many people were you playing with?

I could see it feeling empty until the second half if you’re playing alone. I think Ronk (?) was right that two people is optimal.

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Yea, I was playing by myself, but wouldn’t that be optimal for the Mario experience? Any attempts at co-op have been a disaster in the past but I guess this might be the exception.

I’m surprised some of the more trashier fare wasn’t discussed. Fatal Frame V was the only game that actually made sense using the gamepad and Devil’s Third has yet to be fully explored by SB. Also, that Zombi U in hindsight seems like the best third party launch game ever released on a Nintendo console. I’m now trying to come up with more third party games but all that’s coming to mind are shitty ports of better games on 360 (Ninja Gaiden 3, Mass Effect, etc)

All this brings me to Lost Reavers, which is a game I’ve wanted to play with SB folks since it was announced. I fear we won’t have much time to play it before they kill the Wii U off, so we have to strike fast! It just looks like a big, dumb, weird time and I think we could have a lot of good lolz. How many of you would be interested in trying it out?


i know (i think? i can’t remember) i said this on the podcast but to reiterate: 3D World is great with 1 person, a wacky party with 4 people and The Best and Totally Optimal Experience with 2 People. in my mind, that game is primarily co-op.

i wanted to play Lost Reavers and Devil’s Third and maybe like another trashy game but ah well


lost reavers is intensely more boring than it seems! at least, it was when i played launch

i’d be interested in poking around it again though


Finally listened to the podcast and just wanted to say that it was great. I have yet to play 3d world and now I want to.