Podcast Episode #78: Holiday Deathcast V: A Very Nuclear Winter


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Episode Description:
It’s that time again! Ring in the apocalypse properly with the patent-pending Select Button Holiday Deathcast. If you make it to the end, sorry.

Episode #78, ft. B_coma, Father.Torque, Felix, Godamn_Milkman, heavygear, HEAVYVIPER, notbov, shrug, and Rudie

And w/ special guest appearances by GlamGrimfire and the ghost of sleepysmiles.


@Father.Torque, @Felix, @Godamn_Milkman, @heavygear, @HEAVYVIPER, @notbov, @shrug, @Rudie, @GlamGrimfire, @sleepysmiles


oh no


I renounce everything I said during the recording of this that I can remember saying because bourbon

except for Salacious Crumb

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Fuck yeah Ice Ice Outpost!

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  • If Rudie returns to Texas we will bring him to justice.
  • Vice for video games is Waypoint (also at bazinga.zone) and it’s run by Austin Walker. Caveat: Austin says his self-care game is Dynasty Warriors.
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Podcast insight: I wasn’t really drinking like everyone else, but uh, it turns out I accidentally took a double dose of Pseudoephedrine and my heart was beating out of my chest and my eyes didn’t want to focus on anything. So in other words, par for the course for my appearance on these things.


Jonathan Blows Sonic and Knuckles.
Jonathan Blows World Heroes.
Jonathan Blows My Horse and Me.
Jonathan Blows Socks the Cat.


Some good drinKING going around in this one. Wish I could’ve been there and been booted out for trying to talk about Kingdom Hearts. “We slept with your wife.” is a very strong line.

Who was that who showed up only in the post-show?


glam and sleepy


What’s the song at the end?


That’s my friend Hannah Telle’s song (aka Max in Life is Strange).

It’s good please toss her a buck for it if you like it.


More than happy to!


I’m finally getting around to this.

Hats off to whoever got both the titular and the title lines in Destiny.


It is very good me cutting in to talk about how awful akiba is got cut.