Podcast Episode #77: If I Had a Rocket Launcher

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Episode Description:
The Bungie episode.

Episode #77, ft. boojiboy7, Doolittle, GlamGrimfire, Godamn_Milkman, Sakurina, shrug, and tiburon


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lovely battleroid, Bcoma


apologies for the worse-than-usual fragmented dronings

here is an example of unit management gone wrong in myth:

chasing ghols with dorfs is a bad idea (unless the dorf is a hero unit) because ghols are so fast and a dumber dorf will throw a grenade to intercept the path of a ghol even if the interception point is “right in my goddamn face in about five seconds”

this is bad dorf grenadier handling

rip dorfs

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Shrug is just so pro at podcasting that he speaks at .66x speed.

Thanks @B_coma!

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My wife played a lot of Myth II back in the day, and dorfs were also her favorite unit. You can re-name units, right? I think she used to name dorfs after friends and family members.

Her father was also a huge fan of Marathon games. I can’t deal with them because the speed and view-bob immediately invoke my motion sickness, but I’ve listened to him talk about Marathon for like, hours.

Yeah. Dorfs have pretty generic Tolkieny names assigned so they’re good to rename. Berserks get epithets like “Piler of Corpses” so I never touched those.

Dorfs constantly complain complain, require a ton of babysitting and can provide you with explosive showers of bodyparts in an epic dark fantasy setting. There’s really nothing to dislike about them.

ur a godamn legend.

Oh wow, Myth! Haven’t seen anyone mention that game ever since the time it came out… Good memories

My favorite part of these is the soundscape B-Coma creates at the beginning

I kept rewinding the part where Shrug said “Myth 3” because I thought he was saying “Mythtery” like a portmanteau of myth and mystery and I couldn’t remember such a game at all.

Obligatory segment from the Halo 2 making of documentary: https://youtu.be/0q69Msy8ttM?t=1002

because neither Myth 3 nor Mythtery exist

Finally got around to listening to this whole thing - good show everyone! More excellent hog talk as well

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Man, change some vocabulary and every thing said about Destiny in this podcast applies literally to World of Warcraft. It’s crazy.

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oh my god are you fguckin serious i cant believe this came out only after we did this podcast

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haha i just posted this in the news thread too. I think you beat me to it